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Exploring the Gorgeous Musical Landscapes in Painted On’s Newest EP

It’s Tuesday night here. As I watched the rain come down from the dark skies, I am sitting by the heater while listening to American cinematic indie duo Painted On’s newest EP, entitled cloud*chasers. This seven-track EP is a gorgeous landscape of vivid electronic sounds and colors. But, why? Let’s take a look below!

Make sure to listen to Painted On’s newest EP down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

A Vivid Landscape, Full of Melodic Colors

The answer lies in the instrumentation which each track’s sounds, instruments, and textures that brings your attention. However, it isn’t just the instrumentation that captivates the listener’s ears, but also the pop sensibility in the vocals split by members Hillary Capps and Anthony Farina. The lyrics also strike a chord with listeners, touching on issues like global warming, life, creative frustration, and family history.

The EP has divided into parts: the electronic side and the acoustic side. There are four tracks that represent the electronic side as they explore color, states, and textures throughout the diverse melodies. You can hear this off the bat in the first track, entitled “Fall”. This track explores vocals textures and depths with dreamy, almost cloud-like melodies. But also, various textures like an echoey one. This track is pure beauty!

The electronic-pop track “REWIND” is the second track and my favorite off the EP. Why? I love everything about it: the upbeat, popish beat, the captivating vocals, and the ear-pleasing melodies. It is such a pleasant song, even addictive! I keep on wanting to sing the “Woahs”! “REWIND” is such an earworm as it possesses an upbeat pop beat. But, it also has alluring, smoky vocals that sing an addictive melody.

“S2CONDS” comes after with a slow-burning vibe. You can sense this vibe in the piano-based instrumentation, the smoky vocals, and the slower-paced tempo The track is filled with deep lyrics that ponder on the meaning of life. “S2CONDS” is a smoky duet that really makes you ponder what is the most important achievements in life.

Having the same slow-burn atmosphere like “S2CONDS”, “rabbit hole” is a track that morphs from desperation, which is featured in the beginning as a slow-tempo, experimental instrumentation, to hope, which is signaled at the end by higher female vocals and an upbeat tempo. A great song about hope and desperation as the song’s lyrics could never be truer: “We never thought we would come back out.”

The second part features more of an acoustic feel to it. Track 4, which is entitled “cloud*chasers”, is a beautiful mixture of sounds from the acoustic guitars, a duet between wispy female vocals and grounded male vocals, and mellow pop instrumentations. I just love that beginning with that acoustic guitar melody, it is such a gorgeous opening!

The next track to feature the acoustic textures is “Wine Wandering Mind”. This track features an upbeat acoustic pop melody, yet features deep lyrics that dive into mental-health, frustrations, and self-discovery. It is a track that features deep instrumentations, yet airy and light vocals. “Wine Wandering Mind” is a well-written track that creates equal balance through antitheses.

The EP finishes off with “Carousel”, a slower tempo acoustic piece that dives into relationships and the uncertain future. The use of vocal effects and the unity between the female and male vocals are highlights of the tracks as they are perfectly aligned with the instrumentation. They also align well with the lyrics as there is a sense of unity in the confusing world that surrounds us. Another well-written track through its lyrics and musicality!

Final Thoughts

Painted On’s debut EP, cloud*chasers, presents exquisite landscapes of different sounds, textures, and themes with each of the seven tracks. The duo created intricated melodies that feature deep lyrics that touch on various topics that are vital for today’s world. Along with the deep lyrics and the intricated melodies, there is a blend of pop, acoustic, and electronica within the instrumentations as each track explores these diverse sounds. Hang on as cloud*chasers will take you on a magnificent musical journey with each track!

Make sure to listen to the EP down below! What is your favorite track?

About the Artist: Painted On

Painted On

Painted On is a cinematic indie duo based out of Queens, NY.

The alternative band was formed in 2019 by multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer Anthony Farina and singer/songwriter Hillary Capps. The pair are longtime collaborators and life partners who tied the knot in August, 2020.

Painted On creates music that is sonically atmospheric and cinematic. The lyrics are poetic and sensory, while the melodies maintain a clear underlying pop sensibility. Metaphor has a strong part to play, through the band’s aim to stray away from purely literal concepts and dig deeper; connecting the dots for those who feel that music is more than just a hook. Farina and Capps come from starkly different musical backgrounds (hard rock, pop) and share exceptionally different tastes (metalcore, classic jazz), and Painted On is the harmonious result of their various influences colliding.

The band released their debut single “Fall” in 2019. Described as a “downtempo, brooding apologia to appeal to the better angels of our nature”, premiering on popular music blog The Wild Honey Pie alongside a lyric video, inspired by a majestic trip to Iceland.

Make sure to check out Painted On at the following sites:

Official Site | Spotify | Instagram | Youtube | Soundcloud | Apple Music | Amazon Music | Bandcamp

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Exploring the Gorgeous Musical Landscapes in Painted On's Newest EP

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