Paragard IUD Stuck Inside the Body & Other Risks: What Women Must Know?

Women today have the right to choose the solution they feel is best for them to prevent pregnancy. While the medical world has several solutions available, it seems many women are happy to choose the Paragard IUD (intrauterine device).

It is a flexible and small T-shaped plastic device that is wrapped in copper. Medical providers typically implant this device in a woman’s body in a clinic or the doctor’s office. This device has been effective in preventing pregnancy for almost a decade. Furthermore, the device can be removed the moment a woman wants to have a baby or just wants to stay free of the IUD.


Paragard IUD has been considered safe for women as it ensures they will not get pregnant. After insertion, the device is believed to work correctly without any intervention from the doctor. But what seemed to be a boon gradually turned into a bane when women across the globe started to complain about device breakage and other side effects.

It made many women question their choices and has made them wary of Paragard IUD. Today, several women have filed a lawsuit and are demanding compensation for the health hazards they had to undergo.

A few women mentioned in their lawsuit that they had to opt for surgery to take out the broken pieces of the IUD. Other side effects that they faced included infertility and pain that adversely affected their health and overall life quality for a substantial amount of time.

In this article, we will shed light on the hazards and side effects of the Paragard IUD and how women can file a lawsuit to seek the compensation they deserve.

Veronica’s Tragic Experience with Paragard IUD

Today, innumerable complaints are being filed with the FDA about an IUD breaking inside the bodies of many women. In November 2023, Wear News reported the unfortunate story of Veronica Worley from Fort Walton Beach, who now feels that she should have reconsidered her decision to use the Paragard IUD.

She now has a piece of metal or medical device inside her body. Veronica reports that she has been told the only way to correct it is through surgery. And since she doesn’t have insurance, she can’t pay for it. As a result, she feels completely blindsided, as she never imagined such a predicament for using a birth control measure, which seems to be a popular choice.

The images of the broken pieces of IUD in her body appear to be a ticking time bomb. However, Veronica shares in her account that women who have used this device like her have witnessed even worse outcomes. Some women had to undergo a hysterectomy, which prevented them from giving birth to a child.

In her Paragard lawsuit, Veronica shared that everything seemed to be fine for about nine years. A routine exam last year in January suggested that there might be something wrong. In this exam, when a nurse tried to remove the dislodged IUD from her, it broke into two pieces.

Since she couldn’t afford the surgery, the medical provider shared some resources with her. These included details of low-earning programs that might help her but didn’t guarantee the same. She further asserts that the manufacturers should make the possibility of such dangers clearer and inform women so that they can make informed choices.

Other Side Effects of Paragard IUD

Women who think that device breakage is the only danger of using the Paragard IUD should be aware of other side effects and think twice before opting in for it. The common side effects include:

  • Cramping
  • Anemia
  • Painful periods
  • Backache
  • Dyspareunia
  • Partial or complete expulsion
  • Longer periods than the normal duration
  • Vaginitis
  • Spotting in between periods

Even though these side effects can be managed using the correct medicine, they can go out of hand for some women. That aside, a few of the severe side effects include ectopic pregnancy, which is pregnancy outside the uterus. It also causes sepsis, septic abortion, perforation of the uterus, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Navigating the Legal Path

In September 2023, Drugwatch news reported that the judges in the MDL Panel in the United States requested a transfer order for centralizing the cases from the courts all over the country in Georgia’s Northern District. According to the data, there are almost 80 pending cases, and the lawyers are expecting more.

Therefore, if you or anyone you know has been injured after inserting a Paragard IUD in the body, along with other side effects, it is necessary to seek legal recourse. Getting in touch with a lawyer will help you walk through the legal process seamlessly and also receive your compensation.

TorHoerman Law states that a consultation with a lawyer will determine whether you are eligible to file a Paragard IUD lawsuit or not. If you have faced uterus perforation, excess bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, and injuries from the device fracture during the removal process, you qualify for the lawsuit. An expert lawyer will prepare your case in such a way that the compensation you receive covers your medical bills, lost wages, injuries, and other pain and suffering.


The best part of the Paragard IUD was that it offered modern-day and career-driven women a safe birth control option. The device promises to safely avert pregnancy for almost a decade. However, the horrifying experiences of women facing device fractures and other side effects like excess pain and bleeding have hurt the reputation of this IUD.

So, women today who have faced severe health hazards and internal injuries after inserting the Paragard IUD should seek medical attention to remedy their pain. Once they get the medical diagnosis, they must file for compensation to cover the suffering they endured.