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What Makes Peter Wise’s Newest EP `Too Blind to Hear` a Must-Listen?

Peter Wise Too Blind to Hear

Happy Monday! What are you listening to today? What kind of music do you want to listen to this week? I strongly recommend American singer-songwriter Peter Wise’s newest EP Too Blind to Hear. A delicious mixture of folk and soul, this six-track EP is a perfect listen for any day. Why? Let’s take a closer look down below.

Make sure to listen to Too Blind to Hear by Peter Wise down below and let me know what you think about the album down below!

The Best Part of Peter Wise’s Newest EP is…

Right off the bat, you can hear what makes the EP such a well-crafted piece. This EP starts off with a song called “Fruits”, a metaphorical tune about personal growth by using the analogy of growing fruits. This song is a perfect blend of folk, soul, and a bit of blues. Wise’s vocals croon the lyrics with an honest, soulful tone. The folk and blues elements are found in the instrumentation, especially in the guitars as it strums as a soft yet soulful melody. Yet, what is the best part of this song? It has to be the bridge as the vocals and the guitar are amped up with more volume for a powerful vibe.

The next song is “Loeffler Lane”. This mid-tempo tune is filled with luscious morsels of soul from every part: the vocals, the guitar, and the synthesizers. The vocals are the highlight of this song as their rich and colorful tones pull the song forward. Make sure to listen to the end as there are wonderful surprises with the vocals and an electrifying guitar solo!

“Towering Over Me” is the third track. A song that features couch drums (which could be true as it was explained on Wise’s Instagram page), this is my favorite track from the EP as it is such marvelous creation. My favorite parts have to be in two places: the pre-chorus and the outro. With a strong combination of vocals and guitars and that sensational melody that grips your very soul, the pre-chorus is such a beautiful part of the song.

Then, there is the outro with that backing vocals chanting as Peter Wise takes the vocal melody higher in a colorful way. Of course, the vocals are a must-listen throughout “Towering Over Me” as they display Wise’s wide vocal range and feature their soulful, suave tones. This song is must listen!

“Requiem for a Deep Water-Man” is fourth on the tracklist. Although it is the shortest track, it is still an important one to listen to with its dark and haunting tone. This track sort of reminds me of a sad sailor’s hymn but in a different light. Maybe a more modern, a more soulful one. How about you: what does it sound like to you?

The acoustic track “Methadone Jones” is the next track. Talking about how he wrote the tune, Peter Wise wrote “Methadone Jones” as a way to “wander back into that feeling of inescapable suffocation and regret, offering up an understated performance.”[1] Of course, you can hear the deep ache in the lyrics, but more in the voice and the acoustic guitar.

Heartbreak is embedded in each note of Methadone Jones” in a beautiful, diligent way. You can hear the pain and the sadness clearly in each note. “Methadone Jones” is an honest and heartful track that will make you recount similar feelings with its heartbreaking acoustic melody.

Finishing the EP strong with its midtempo vibes, “Last Night of Windham” is a semi-acoustic piece that features bare vocals, soulful backing vocals, and a subtle acoustic guitar. A song that ponders back on the “what-ifs” of life, “Last Night of Windham” is a calming piece that features those soulful yet alluring vocals from Wise. It is a pleasant listen that will appease listeners.

Final Thoughts

With its well-crafted tunes, exquisite musicianship, and soulful vocals, Peter Wise’s newest EP Too Blind to Hear is a brilliantly crafted EP that should be on your must-listen list right now. There is a little bit of everything that anyone can enjoy or lament on in this album: pain, hope, “the what-ifs”, upbeat, acoustic, sadness, soul, and self-reflection. The album features such amazing talent by Wise, not only with his vocals but with his well-crafted lyrics and melodies. If you enjoy folk and soul in your music, then Too Blind to Hear is the EP for you!

What is your favorite track off Peter Wise’s newest EP? Listen down below and let me know!

About the Artist: Peter Wise

Peter Wise is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer based out of Brooklyn, New York. His sound has been described as folk/soul, marrying introspective lyricism with bluesy guitar lines, laid back rhythms, catchy hooks, and soulful vocals. Wise has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a wide range of artists, from The Eagles and Lisa Fischer to Liza Anne and Joey Dosik (Vulfpeck).

After touring all over the country in 2019, Wise spent the early part of 2020 self-producing a six-song EP. The lead single “Fruits” immediately garnered traction on Spotify in hundreds of playlists. American Songwriter remarked, “Songbirds chirp and the backing percussion throbs, immediately intensifying the emotional rush and spilling out into the room. In decorating his lyrics with such explosive dynamics, he conjures up a full-bodied listening experience.” His follow up singles, “Towering Over”, and “Methadone Joan” are building on the success of “Fruits”.

Make sure to check out Peter Wise at the following sites:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Youtube | Spotify

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