Celebrating India’s Independence Day with Phalgunn Maharishi’s “Salaam India”

Happy India’s Independence Day! To celebrate, ai love music is featuring the newly released song “Salaam India” by Indian Indie musician Phalgunn Maharishi. The single was released on the same day as India’s Independence Day to commemorate. This is what Maharishi had to say on why he created “Salaam India”:

How the musician incorporates the idea of independence in his new tune is in the lyrics. They convey a clear message of love for the country. It is a reflection of modern Indian youth culture. Maharishi wrote the words in both English and Hindi to reflect this.

Yet, the lyrics are not the only thing that highlights his love of India. Phalgunn Maharishi explained that he loves to blend various cultures with different musical genres, like “Salaam India”. The song features a successful blend of Maharishi’s love of his country with showcases the culture with a modern dubstep beat (which is the first time the artist has even made anything in this genre).

The song starts stars off soft with euphonious piano melodies that keep on cascading to create a tranquil mood. Note by note, “Salaam India”. the mood and the vibe become stronger as more and more instrumentation is added. The energy becomes louder and faster. Also, the vocals change from soft tones to brazen ones with pop-punk accents. The chorus is where the sound explodes full force. This section features wild energy and bold passion of which Maharishi displaying his love of his country fully. The melody featured in the vocals mixed in with deep words makes it a must-listen.

A modern dubstep mixture with Indian culture, “Salaam India” showcases his endless love for his country. But, it also sharing it with others for India’s Independence Day. What do you think of the song? Listen to it below and let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Phalgunn Maharishi

Phalgunn Maharishi is an indie music composer, record producer, and singer currently living in Bengaluru, India. With a lot of emphasis on technology and melody, ‘modern-yet-expressive’ would be the best way to describe his music.

His songs include ‘Alarm’, ‘Namma Dasara’, and ‘Forever’ – an experimental work produced in collaboration with international indie music artists. Phalgunn believes in producing music with modern technology while keeping the traditional aspects of music production alive.

He has been a part of the indie music scenario for over six years and is involved with a lot of diverse musical projects, some of which have also been featured by media publications and TV channels. His songs are mostly inspired by everyday life.

Phalgunn holds an MBA degree in Media & Entertainment and learned Hindustani Classical Music under Pt. Veerabhadraiah Hiremath. Additionally, his knowledge in western classical theory and music production is self-acquired by constant experiments for all these years. He plays Piano (Keyboard) and a bit of Harmonica.

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