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What Is So Charming About PINLIGHT’s Newest Single “Grow Slow”?

It is finally December, finally the last month of 2020! It has been a long year, hasn’t it? Although this year has given us many challenges and roadblocks, there has been some positivity this year. What has been one positive thing that has happened to you this year? For me, it has been music! I have been able to share on this blog a variety of music from amazing artists around the world! I am really grateful for the artists that have I met and covered on this blog!

One amazing artist that I have been listening to recently is the Edinburgh-based multi-instrumentalist Jenny Laah, also known as PINLIGHT. She recently released a single edit of the song “Grow Slow”, which is a single cut from the 2019 album of the same name. This delightful alt-pop tune is a must listen as it has a certain lovely charm to it. But, why is it so charming? Continue on to find out why.

Make sure to check out “Grow Slow” by PINLIGHT and let me know what you think in the comments!

So Why Is “Grow Slow” So Charming?

According to PINLIGHT herself, the track “is an upbeat ode to a slow burn. Reminiscent of CHVRCHES and Christine & the Queens. It features soft vocals over a catchy melodic hook and retrowave synths.” At the first beat, you can hear those nostalgic retrowave synths cheerfully playing the main melody. It is here, in the beginning, that you hear the upbeat mood with the bright sounding synths. These synths will continue to support PINLIGHT’s vocals with its bright and cheerfully supporting notes.

Though the bright tones of the synths can make “Grow Slow” such a charming tune, it is how PINLIGHT uses these synths to paint a lust electronic landscape. Using the richness of the synths and the diversity in the instrument’s tone, PINLIGHT creates a vivid and colorful landscape with such depth and catchiness that will pull the listener into the song completely.

Lastly, PINLIGHT’s own vocals have their own charm. They are chilled, light, and irresistible. From the beginning, the vocals get you hooked with their light yet irresistible tones that are similar to a slow-burning candle: beautiful, captivating, and tantalizing. Although the vocals sound innocent with their airy quality, don’t be fooled as there is a taste of desire embedded in them. The intricate way of how PINLIGHT expresses the lyrics with the chilled yet irresistible vocal melody is why PINLIGHT’s vocals carry their own charm.

Final Thoughts

PINLIGHT’s “Grow Slow” is such a delight to listen to as the tune has its own unique charm within the retrowave synth, the vibes, and the vocals. The tune’s vibe is catchy with a combination upbeat vibe full of brightness and the slow burn effect in the bass synthesizers. However, one cannot miss out on the richness and diversity of the retrowave synths as they paint a vast digital landscape with vividness and a variety of colors throughout the songs with their vibes and notes.

Finally, the vocals will pull you into the song with their light yet irresistible tones that are similar to a slow-burning candle. Because of these factors, “Grow Slow” is a song you have to check out right now!

Make sure to check out “Gtow Slow” down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: PINLIGHT


PINLIGHT is the alt-pop songwriting project of Edinburgh-based multi-instrumentalist Jenny Laahs. Jenny is a hearing-impaired musician, acquiring a profound unilateral hearing loss at the age of 4. She began performing on the songwriter scene in Edinburgh in 2014, playing ukulele and piano. In 2018 she transitioned to a more electronic sound and adopted the moniker PINLIGHT, in reference to A Pin-Light Bent by Joanna Newsom. Inspired by Kate Bush, Passion Pit, and Stealing Sheep, PINLIGHT combines these influences into retro-tinged soundscapes, with themes of self-affirmation, love, and relationships.

After gigging around Edinburgh with a live band in 2018, Jenny retreated to her home studio in 2019 to record the independently produced and released debut album, Grow Slow, produced entirely in mono in recognition of her hearing loss. In 2020, Jenny has been working on remixes to be released in October and November, as well as writing new original music for 2021.

Make sure to check out PINLIGHT at the following sites:

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