You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Go Back to the 80s With Playtime’s “Lover on The Run”

The Daily Feature: Go Back to the 80s With Playtime’s “Lover on The Run”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Lover On the Run” by Australian Indie Pop band Playtime featuring vocalist Corban Chapple. A tune that takes inspiration from 80s boogie and post-disco from artists like Kashif, Change, and 80’s Aretha Franklin. The tune features slick vocal lines over funky synth riffs with crystalized synths sprinkled throughout. I am a huge 80s fan due to the heavy synth instrumentation like what was featured in “Lover On The Run”. Yet, this tune by Playtime features some groovy, funky melodies that will have people dance to! If you are a big fan of Bruno Mars’s “Finesse”, this is a song you have to listen to!

Make sure to check out “Lover on The Run” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Playtime

Playtime began as an escape from the tedium of Australian lockdowns, old friends trading beats and 80’s production secrets over Zoom. Swept up in the naïve glee of the early 80’s musical landscape, this grew into a full blown cross-country collaboration, racing to ping another track across the Nullarbor to be discussed and improved upon. Eventually the stars aligned and relaxed restrictions allowed for a minor miracle to occur, a month all together, secluded in the small West Australian town of Toodyay, writing and recording the band’s first release. “Nobody Said It Would Be Easy (But It Was)”.

Make sure to check out Playtime at the following:

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Go Back to the 80s With Playtime's "Lover on The Run"

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  1. natalielovesbeauty

    Wow this is such a good beat! I have just added this song to my Spotify playlist.

  2. lbosworth

    It’s a pretty good song! I love boogie and post disco music!

  3. Yeah!! Love this sharing as I’m loving & enjoying music from the 80’s , saved this & thanks for this post 🙂

  4. Fransic verso

    This is interesting, the music is cool as well and haven’t heard a lot of 80s songs.

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