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The Daily Feature: Qwiet Type’s “Colors in My Dreams” Is a Beautiful Array of Different Genres

Today’s Daily Feature is “Colors In My Dream” by American Indietronica artist Qwiet Type. The last time I mentioned this artist was back in January when I mentioned that the previous single (“Ferris Wheel”) was “pleasant to listen to that will make your day even brighter.” But how about Colors In My Dream”? Is it a good song too?

Well, it is safe to say that Qwiet Type’s new single is a catchy one! It is a tune that features an array of genres: funk, pop, new wave, and electronic. Of course, listeners will quickly notice the electronic side very quickly as it features colorful synthesizers and vocal effects. However, you can hear the other genres in different elements: funk in the beat, new wave in the guitar bits, and pop in the melodies. How the artist puts the different genres together in “Colors In My Dream” is quite remarkable as each element is quite catchy and they blend together so seamlessly.

I recommend listening to the very end as my part is featured there. I can’t tell you the reason why you have to listen to find out! But, please listen to the whole song as “Colors In My Dream” is a beautiful array of electronic funk, and pop that all blend together so well to make a catchy tune!

Make sure to check out “Colors In My Dreams” by Qwiet Type and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Qwiet Type

Qwiet Type is a solo artist, songwriter, and co-producer of his own music. While his genre has been tough to nail down with his music as a whole, his songs display a fusion of indie, alternative, pop, funk, electro-pop, and new wave.

“I love music from all genres and decades. The music from my past and the music I love today seems to be coming out of me in such a blended way that I can’t explain. I am not copying anyone, I am just releasing the music that’s in my head onto my recordings the best I can” – Qwiet Type

Make sure to check out Qwiet Type here:

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The Daily Feature: Qwiet Type's "Colors in My Dreams" Is a Beautiful Array of Different Genres

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