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What to Listen For in Rae Radick’s Self-Titled EP?

American country-rock artist Rae Radick is back with her self-titled EP. Rae is no stranger to ai love music as her previously released singles “Sorry’s Not Good Enough” and “Who You’re Meant To Be” have been mentioned before. But, how does her self-titled EP fare? Is it a hit or miss? Let’s take a closer look at the EP down below!

A Little Bit of Everything

Rae Radick’s newest EP has a little bit of everything. This eight-track release has rock, ballad, pop, fast, slow, country, rock ‘n’ roll, and soul. The reason why is because she wanted to play a little bit. She also wanted to experiment with what her audience wanted to hear from her. She wants her musicality to be as diverse as she, like listeners, has a diverse musicality. Yet, this diversity featured in the EP makes the release a solid release. It gives listeners to explore Rae’s complex musicality and see what the artist can bring to the table. And, it pays off!

The EP features upbeat tracks like the first track, the country rock-flavored tune “Keep ‘Em Guessing”. It is the perfect tack to stat off the EP with its blazing country rock that brims with rockin’ energy. It features brassed musicality and wild energy as Rae doesn’t hold back on this track. Another track that shares a similar upbeat feel is the pop-rock track “Circle Game”. It is a blend of Shania Twain and Kelly Clarkson with its energy and musicality. Rae shows her wide vocal range and features remarkable vocal talent. Just listen to how she twinges a note during the chorus!

A final upbeat track is “Supreme Sixteen”. This track is a bop with its dancy, syncopated beat in the instrumentation and some vocal melodies. It shows the versatility of Rae as she can go from melodic and pure to bouncy and lively with her vocals. “Keep ‘Em Guessing”, “Circle Game”, and “Supreme Sixteen” is upbeat tracks that feature a little bit of everything. They are well-written as listeners can hear the talent and versatility of the artist’s artistry.

Then, some tracks show off the blue-eyed soul of the singer, like the ballad-like tune “In a Memory”. A soulful track that features a howling electric guitar strumming. These guitars are to support Rae’s soulful yet melodic vocals. I enjoy the chorus melody as the melodic progression is intriguing. “In a Memory” features a blue-eyed soul mixed with some pop vibes, yet “The Solider and the Bombshell” is more of a ballad piece. It is a pure country ballad with the steel guitar and the acoustic guitar chords. It is a beautiful and heartfelt tune that features a bittersweet story in the lyrics.

The album finishes with another heartfelt ballad entitled “Miss the Most”. It features a soothing and gorgeous mixture of country, rock, and pop. The country and rock are heard in the instrumentation with the pop heard in Rae’s breathtaking vocals. “Miss the Most” is the perfect song to finish off this EP as it encompasses what Rae Radick is all about.: brilliant songwriting, a blend of everything, and astounding talent.

One track off the self-titled EP that I have mentioned before is “Sorry’s Not Good Enough”. It is a pure pop song that is filled with catchy melodies and upbeat fun. I have also spoken about “Who You’re Meant To Be” on this blog. It is filled with inspirational messages and metaphors to recognize that it is ok to be who you are. These motivating messages also translate well with the song’s musicality. Listeners can hear it in the metamorphosis between the acoustic beginning and soaring sensations at the end.

What Do You Think?

Rae Radick’s self-titled EP is a must-listen for any music lover. It is the perfect blend of country, rock, soul, ballad, pop, and rock ‘n’ roll. There is a little bit of everything in each track as Rae Radick infuses her songwriting and musicality to create each track’s personality. Yet, listeners should also listen to how each track features themes of heartbreak, empowerment, and nostalgia blended perfectly in the lyrics and music. Once again, a brilliant release from Rae Radick.

How about you? What is your favorite track off this EP? Make sure to listen to Rae Radick down below. Let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Rae Radick

Rae Radick

Rae Radick is an American artist who is from Pennsylvania and currently residing in New York City. She started dancing when she was three years old and danced until college. After securing the lead in her school’s play in sixth grade, Radick’s father signed her up for vocal lessons. “Ever since then, I fell in love with singing and dancing,” she explained, “then when I was sixteen years old, I really wanted to learn more about [song]writing.”

When asked about her musical influences, the singer-songwriter said she had so many influences. However, if she had to pick, Radick said that her first pick would be Stevie Nicks as she has been a big fan of Nicks when she was little. She also cites Kacey Musgraves as her influence as Radick really loves the way she tells her stories: the clever lyrics and the interesting way she writes her songs. And, her final influence is Keith Urban as she loves the way that Urban pours his heart out when he performs.

Radick’s writing is a mixture of her suburban upbringing and living in a big city. She describes it as “Pennsylvania roots with New York City’s spirit”.”The Pennsylvania roots are all about family and growing up in a small town where you know everyone, a little bit more of that groundedness and the issues of being in a small town,” she details, “And the New York City’s spirit is just the energy. There is a pace and a vibe, and everyone feels it. The storytelling aspect comes from the suburbs, but the energy, pace, and spirit is the New York City’s spirit.”

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What to Listen For in Rae Radick's Self-Titled EP?

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