You are currently viewing Talking With Canadian Pop Singer-Songwriter Rayne About Her Latest Single “Envious”

Talking With Canadian Pop Singer-Songwriter Rayne About Her Latest Single “Envious”

What is on your playlist right now? You should check out Canadian pop singer-songwriter Rayne with her latest single “Envious”. She recently talked to ai love music via email about her latest single “Envious”. How did she get inspired by real-life to write this song? Continue to read to find out!

About the Artist: Rayne


Singer-songwriter Rayne hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. She has always loved music, as far as the singer could remember. She told ai love music a story about when she was five, she would sing opera and annoy all her classmates. She listened to a wide range of musical genres, but her favorites were Florence + the Machine, Halsey, and Adele. These artists have influenced the singer’s singing style in one way or another during a part of the artist’s life.

Rayne first started co-writing in late 2018. Then, a year later, she released her first single, entitled “Do With That”. Although she has released three more singles in 2020 at the start of the pandemic — a time where artists were restricted in promoting themselves due to lockdowns — the singer-songwriter’s popularity has risen due to her witty and bubbly YouTube videos and her amazing effort at self-promoting herself. Her third single, “Bored”, received 500,000 streams on Spotify! Wow!

Her latest Single: “Envious”

The premise of “Envious” was based around a phone call that Rayne had with a friend. She saw her ex-boyfriend at the mall with his new girlfriend. The friend was awful jealous of the situation, even though she felt bad about being jealous as she was the one that broke up with the guy first. As the singer-songwriter continued to listen to her friend’s conversation, she had an “a-ha” moment: this would make a great song!

Rayne also told me how she created the song. “At first, it was a song that I originally created just by strumming on my guitar and sang,” she explained, “It was originally called “Jealous”. And, then I brought it into the studio to work with Tavish [Crowe] and Ryan [Stewart]. They thought it was really cool and thought it would go well with a track they were working on. We played around with it and made many changes to the song you hear today!”

The singer-songwriter hopes that listeners listen to the story that is embedded in “Envious”. “You shouldn’t let it (being envy) rule your life,” she told ai love music, “It is ok to touch on the feeling for a little bit, but you eventually have to let it go. You can’t live with it forever.”

Make sure to listen “Envious” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Rayne hopes to release her first EP this year, hopefully in May. Stay tune to ai love music to hear it!

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Talking With Canadian Pop Singer-Songwriter Rayne About Her Latest Single "Envious"

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