The Road to Eurovision 2022: Reddi (Denmark)

It’s April and we have less than 60 days till the annual Eurovision contest that will happen next month. Get excited! If you don’t know what Eurovision is, I wrote a detailed post about the contest a couple of years ago. I am back with my series “Road to Eurovision”, predicting who will win this year’s contest. Each day, I will feature a song from one of the countries. Then, I will make my own predictions of who will make it to the finals and win the competition. Good luck to those who are competing!

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Let’s get started!

Reddi’s “The Show”

Reddi’s “The Show” is going to represent Denmark during this year’s Eurovision in Turin. The band consists of Ihan Haydar on drums, Ida Bergkvist on bass, Agnes Roslund on guitar, and Siggy Savery, on guitar and singing. Eurovision. tv, the official site for Eurovision, had to say about what this song is all about: “It’s a song that encourages you to listen to yourself and go after your dreams, no matter what others say and think. We want to inspire you to never hold back, no matter what you want in life!”.[1]

The song isn’t bad and it has potential in the semi-final stage. The song first starts off as an upbeat piano-led piece with inspirational lyrics that charge on. Then pop-punk instrumentation kicks off the song midway with its raucous energy. The song might seem like a mess in the second half but I think the pop-punk instrumentation blends really well with the Savery’s vocals. They are a bit unpolished in this live version of the song in the video above, but I think if Reddi practices enough, this song will be a hit on the Eurovision stage.

Reddi has the potential to make “The Show” a heartwarming hit on the Eurovision stage next month if they work out the kinks. It is very powerful and inspiring. For this, I think Reddi will make it to the finals!

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