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Rent's "La Vie Boheme": Living Life Creatively

For #SongLyricsSunday, hosted by Jim at A Unique Title For Me, the prompt for this week is “La”. I am actually writing this post before he posts the full explanation of the prompt. The reason why is that I have a free Saturday to write (and that I was about 14 hours ahead of Jim). So when I saw that the prompt was “La”, I immediately thought about Rent‘s “La Vie Boheme”.

“La Vie Boheme” is featured in my playlist to create your a-ha for 2020. Check other musical songs as well as inspiring tunes to help make your 2020 awesome!

Promotion for the film version of Rent

Rent: A Musical That Jumpstarted Many Stars’ Careers

Idina Menzel

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years, then you know about the mega-hit Disney movie Frozen. I don’t have to explain the plot or the characters as you probably have seen the movie once or many times if you have children. The cast is filled with many talented actors and actresses with the lead character Elsa played Idina Menzel. Many know Menzel as Elsa, but not for me.

I first knew the mega-talented actress and singer when she originated the role of Elphaba in the Broadway musical Wicked. This musical was well-known with vocal students as songs like “I’m Not That Girl” and “Defying Gravity” were popular tunes to perform. But, during the same time as Wicked became popular, the theatrical version of Rent came out. And that is how I knew about Menzel’s first Broadway role: Maureen Johnson.

Although Menzel has been in the spotlight for the past six years, other cast members from Rent have gone on to have successful careers. If you are a huge Law & Order fan like I am, then you would know that Jesse L. Martin (Tom Collins) went onto play Ed Green for nine years. He is currently on The Flash as a major character. Anthony Rapp (Mark Cohen) is Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets on Star Trek: Discovery. He is also famous for his allegations against Kevin Spacey in 2017 that led Spacey to be blacklisted from Hollywood.

Taye Diggs — who played the enemy of the cast, Benjamin “Benny” Coffins III — has been on various TV shows and movies over the years. Adam Pascal (Roger Davis) went onto star in many other musicals (like Disney’s Aida) and films (like The School of Rock).

Original cast of the Broadway musical Rent

Some original cast members had success before appearing on Broadway. Daphne Rubin-Vega (Mimi Marquez) was the lead singer in the late 80s/early 90s Latin freestyle group Pajama Party. After their breakup in 1992, Rubin-Vega continued to release music, even after appearing on Broadway.

La Vie Boheme: Living Creatively For Today

Jonathan Larson

“La Boheme” is one of the last songs to be performed in Act I. As the cast gather around to celebrate the success of Maureen’s avant-garde performance, Benny criticizes Joanne’s protest against kicking out the homeless from their homes in Alphabet City. He also digs into his friends’ bohemian lifestyle. In response, the cast sings “La Boheme” to celebrate the unusual but creative lifestyle that they love. The piece is broken into two parts, “La Boheme A” and “La Boheme B”, that has a subplot involving the romance between Rodger and Mimi sandwiched in between.

Jonathan Larson wrote all the songs in Rent. He based the musical from his own experiences living in New York City. But, another influence was Giacomo Puccini’s La bohème, which help inspired Lawson to write the plot and characters. Nevertheless, Rent is legendary in modern Broadway as the musical brought public attention to various social issues, like homophobia, HIV/AIDS, and addiction.

The lyrics behind “La Vie Boheme” might be odd and nonsensical. But, the message is pretty clear: “Fudge living conveniently, just live your life freely and be yourself”. And this one of the best messages to inspire for a better 2020! We live in a world now that we seek to stick to the status quo. But inside, we want to break from it and live freely. And 2020 is a perfect time to do so! Don’t be afraid to go against the grain! Live your dreams and live life the way you want!

Check out the “La Vie Boheme” from the film version of Rent. Let me know what you think about the song in the comments below. Does it inspire you to take action in 2020 in order to live the way you want?

Warning: There is language featured in the video not suitable for kids

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  1. Caramel

    I couldn’t play the video here, but I looked for it on YouTube.
    Great choice!

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    <3. This song always inspired me. A favorite!!!

  3. Jim Adams

    Amy I may be living under a rock, but I don’t have any children, so I don’t know much about Frozen other that it is a Disney movie about a princess that the kids all love. I have also not heard much about the musical Rent, but I really enjoyed the video, as La Vie Boheme is a real fun song and if I get a chance to see this film, I will. Thanks for sharing your music today.

    1. Renee

      Thank you! I always enjoy reading your post on music

  4. Sarah Afshar

    I love music. I am not sure what song is my favorite. I have so many. The lyrics to “Who Wants To Live Forever” by Queen are really meaningful, but so are the lyrics to “Oh Lord” by In This Moment, “Snuff” by Slipknot, “Take Me Home” by Hollywood Undead, and “Breathe Me” by Sia. Way too many to list. Happy New Year!

  5. Elizabeth O

    All on your list are great entertainment opportunities for singles and families alike. I’d see RENT again if I could. 🙂

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    I need to listen to this more it’s got great sound. Thanks for the background on these musicians!

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    RENT is my very favorite musical! I love this song and jam out to in in the car all the time.

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    Every time I read your blog I found out about new music. Thank you! I really finding new music to listen x

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    Couldn’t watch the video as it says it is “blocked in my country.” Bummer. I will try and search for it though. Looks like a really nice song. The prompt “La” made me think of that song “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” Haha.

  10. Stephanie

    You know, I never saw the musical Rent. I love the show The Flash, I never knew he started on the stage!

  11. Karla

    What a very cool song! My favorite song in the Rent is Seasons of Love. I wish I could watch a play in person.

  12. Amber Hurley

    Rent is one of my favorites! Always a classic!

  13. Owen G

    I like the concept behind the “Fudge living conveniently, just live your life freely and be yourself” mantra. The message is definitely clear – be yourself, not what others expect. Too few of us tend to live it.

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    This is such a wonderful musical. I would love to see it and this is the perfect timing for that.

  15. I love the message behind that song! This was the first time I heard it so thanks for sharing!

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    How interesting! I must look further into this & listen to the song. Saving you post to get back to it soon.

  17. I’ve not heard of Rent to be honest – I’ll have to find out more about it… but I do know Frozen obviously!

  18. My kids found Frozen this year and we’ve seen it somany times! It’s interesting to hear more about the people behind the film.

  19. Samar

    The song really carries a very deep meaning. I admire the song so much.

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. As the sister that forced my brother to watch RENT and sing every song with me (to this day, I can still get him to sing a word or two with me), I love this post! Many thanks for the fun details. Happy La Vie Boheme!

  21. Melanie williams

    This is actually one musical I have not seen – love rent so I am sure that this will be amazing to watch when I get the time x

  22. Dana

    A classic that stole my heart years ago. Great songs as well.

  23. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    Ugh. I super love this musical. It’s really heart wrenching and the story is such a classic but still something that people can relate to these days.

  24. I have heard so much about this musical, but never had a chance to go and see it, I really must try and change that this year

  25. Khushboo

    I love listening to music. I would love to check this out too.

  26. Autumn

    I love the musical RENT! I saw it for the third time last year with my family. Every single song is amazing!

  27. Nina

    this is certainly inspiring !!!! I must look into it 🙂 it is a classic.

  28. Julie Ann

    I saw Rent way back when and then a second time in 2018. Seasons of Love is my favorite.

  29. Tanyi

    The song really did inspire me to take action this 2020. Now, i’m tempted to watch the movie. Thanks for sharing

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    That was quite interesting! I had no idea that her career started elsewhere! I only knew her from Frozen to begin with.

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    I’ve never seen Rent so I will have to check it out! Such cool facts here 🙂

  32. Ashli Ferguson

    The songs of rent are so so so good and Indina Menzel is just amazing!

  33. Joanna

    I haven’t seen this musical yet and first, reading the title of the song, I thought about Charles Aznavour’s “La Boheme”, which is a fantastic song. Somehow, I notices some similar notes crossing through to La Vida Boheme.

  34. the handy journal

    I always find your posts very informative ! I honestly love this song ( and will check the musical)! I learn so much from your blog ! keep it up !

  35. Christina

    Happy New Year! I have seen Frozen, but I really need to see Rent. I hear it is an incredible play with amazing music! This is really choreography with people dancing on the table.

  36. Ivana Mearns

    I definitely want to see the musical now I’ve read the article, you make it sound so tempting… definitely not be missed ? I really look forward to seeing the musical now.

  37. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Not a fan but their music was nice.

  38. Minakshi Bajpai

    I love music. This looks something new to me. Let me spend some more time and get back to you soon.

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    I haven’t heard of them before. But after getting to read this I will surely check them out.

  40. Ch. Nikhila

    I love music, and I’ll add these to tracks to my list.

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    Thank you for sharing, I find myself matching music with my mood. Maybe this will fit in somewhere, I am always open to new genre.

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