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RESULTS: Throwing the Musical Beans

What a cold start of the week here in Nagoya. It is -4°F/-20°C in Sapporo and 18°F/-7°F in Tokyo. I am glad I got the day off so I can snuggle in my blanket fort and just take it easy.

But I did get out my cozy fort to tell you the results for the latest Battle of the Songs: Throwing the Musical Beans.

And the winning of the Fifth Battle of the Songs is…


Here are the results for those who are interested:

Congrats to the Vanilla Beans!

last November, Vanilla Beans decided to break up and end their musical career. It was understandable as the group was together for ten long years. Instead of recommending a song, I am going to post the video of their last concert. Just a disclaimer, this is not my video and I did not upload this video of Youtube, just found it. The purpose of this video is to educate rather for profit.

You can watch it here:

Tune in Friday for the next installment. Here is a hint: _____roll.

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