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Battle of the Songs Results: What is Your Go-To Autumn Song?

It’s finally September 30! That means one thing: what are the results for the Battle of the Songs: What is Your Go-To Autumn Song?

Remember, we had two contenders: Simon and Garfunkel or OFF COURSE.

Who won?

The winner of the autumn Battle of the Songs is…

Simon and Garfunkel!

Here are the results, for anyone who is curious:

Thanks to everyone who voted!

As I mentioned before, my favorite Simon and Garfunkel are “America”. Every time I listen to the song, it reminds me of the souls of immigrations and pioneers, who “all come to look for America”. Even though I am an American, this song makes me think deeply about how I want to “look for America” is a philosophical sense. But overall, “America” is such a beautiful song, melodically and lyrically.

Check back tomorrow for a new battle!

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