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Ringing in the New Decade with Siivers’ Newest Single “Blue Ice”

Cover of "Blue Ice"

It’s a new decade! An exciting time to predict what we could see, hear, feel, and even taste in the next ten years. Experiences from the past decade — coming from all walks of life — have helped shape the world that we are in right now. There are things that we used daily in 2019 that we never dreamed of in 2010. But, how about the next ten years: What will the next decade bring? Tell me your predictions in the comments below.

Artists have already released inspiring music for the new decade. One artist that released one of the first new singles of 2020 is Siivers. She released the single “Blue Ice” this week in hopes that the release can inspire you to listen to music in a new way.

“Blue”: The Saddest Shade

The single opens up with the song “Blue”. It is a very depressing song, but don’t let that deter you from listening to it! The reason why is that it is a song that anyone could relate to, especially with the lyrics. We have all been there: depressed about losing our jobs, the person we thought loved us, or unfortunate events. We have always thought about when we could see “the happiest shade of blue again” as the song ponders at the end of the chorus.

The lyrics aren’t the only thing that makes “Blue” fantastic. You should listen for its musicality too! “Blue” is a quiet pop-rock tune that incorporates a strong piano melody, drums, guitar, and a synthesizer. The piano reaches to the deep depths of the musical scale with it’s earthen, low sound. This sound sets the mood so perfectly. It is so beautiful.

The final thing that you pay attention to is Siivers’ voice. It is so beautiful. Her voice reminds me of somewhat like Adele’s. But, with a lot more depth, soul, and warmth. This warmth brings hope in the midst of sadness and longing found within the melody and lyrics. This contrast is quite lovely as it brings a certain emotional depth to the song. “Blue” is a beautiful and wonderfully crafted piece that will have listeners hope for one thing: that they will see the happiest shade of blue someday soon.

“Ice”: An Orchestra for Winter

The final tune is “Ice”. It doesn’t contain any words as it is a purely instrumental piece. One interesting thing is that natural sounds are incorporated within the piece. You can hear this inclusion in the first few seconds. The sounds from the breaking ice and the harsh winter winds are primarily featured. Isn’t that cool? These sounds make the piece more realistic as it connects the listeners with nature more. 

The melodies featured are a mixture of something old and new, something dark and light. It starts off something sweet and light. The melody is played on a synthesizer that imitates a high bell sound. Then when we reach the chorus, the mood morphs into a deep, winter-like spirit. These two melodies are light and dark.

Meanwhile, the contrast between old and new happens right after the first chorus. The electronic strings perform a plucky melody that is brief. Later on, these strings make an appearance once again as well as a flute-like sound. These are the something old. While the something new is the synthesized melodies played throughout. “Ice” is supposed to represent a winter electronic orchestra tune, which you hear well throughout. It features the natural winter sounds while incorporate something new, something old, something dark, and something light.

I really enjoy listening to “Ice”. My favorite part has to be the chorus section with it’s deep, enigmatic notes. It makes you think about winter as you can feel it’s coldness and the briskness with each note.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the single “Blue Ice”? Can you relate to being “the unhappiest shade of blue”? And, what did you think the use of nature in “Ice”? Listen to the single on Spotify and let me what you think in the comments below!

About the Artist

Siivers likes Orchestral EDM, blending classical structures and sounds with modern-day VST Engines. She like abstract ideas and surrealism, the idea that you can take a story or specific subject and describe it completely with music. She is not offering a song but offering an experience. 

(When you are checking out her discography on Spotify or other music sites, I highly suggest listening to “Take a Sip”. It is a phenomenal piece that incorporates Eastern and Western musical sounds. It amazingly weaves in sounds you hear at a bar to create this musical piece.)

Check her out on these following social media sites:

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