Road to Eurovision 2021: Victoria (Bulgaria)

It’s the end of April and we have about three weeks to go to the annual Eurovision contest. It will happen next month. Get excited! Though the contest was canceled last year and faces strict protocols due to the current pandemic, we can still enjoy this international contest from anywhere in the world.

Each day, I will feature a song from one of the countries that are in this year’s Eurovision. Like 2019, I will make my own predictions of who will make it to the finals and maybe win the competition. Good luck to those who are competing!

Victoria’s “Growing Up Is Getting Old”

Victoria‘s “Growing Up Is Getting Old” is representing Bulgaria in this year’s Eurovision competition. The song reflects on the journey of self-discovery that one makes through revisiting one’s roots and the places that made you safe and secure. Throughout the song, the main character thinks about the most important people in her life. It is a topic that any listener can relate to and even look back in their lives to revisit their roots and those memories.

Although can be perceived to be soft, Victoria’s vocals are full of color as they are soulful. I love the lightness and the higher notes that she sings in the chorus, it is quite tranquil and beautiful. Don’t forget to listen to her vocals at the 2:56 mark, quite gorgeous there!

With beautiful, soulful vocals and very precious lyrics, I think Victoria’s “Growing Up Is Getting Old” will make it to the finals.

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