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Road to Eurovision 2021: Vincent Bueno (Austria)

It’s mid-April and we have about a month to go till the annual Eurovision contest. It will happen next month. Get excited! Though the contest was canceled last year and faces strict protocols due to the current pandemic, we can still enjoy this international contest from anywhere in the world.

Each day, I will feature a song from one of the countries that are in this year’s Eurovision. Like 2019, I will make my own predictions of who will make it to the finals and maybe win the competition. Good luck to those who are competing!

Vincent Bueno’s “Amen”

We have used the past year professionally to find the perfect song at the national and international level and among my own songs – and in the end, we were sure that Amen is exactly that song. The song found me.

At first glance, it’s about a dramatic relationship story, but for me, it’s primarily about this inner struggle with your own strengths and weaknesses, that everyone knows, which leads to a bright future.

“Amen” by Vincent Buono is representing Austria for this year’s Eurovision. The song is really empowering, as mentioned in the quote above, as it all about that inner struggle we all face and resolving it for a better future. I love the message, but I feel like Buono’s performance is lack-lustered. It starts off great with just the singer’s vocals and a few acoustic instruments. The energy builds up and explodes into a soulful one by the chorus. But, I feel like the chorus is too subtle. I keep on thinking from the first chorus to end in that there could have been more, especially in the vocals. I feel like they aren’t giving their all.

Unless Buono can gives us a lot more vocal power in the semi-finals, I don’t think “Amen” will make it to the Eurovision finals.

My Eurovision 2021 Predictions

Here are my predictions for this year’s contest. These are my own opinions and I am not getting paid or endorsed for them.

Semi-Final Round 1

CountryMy Prediction
The Roop (Lithuania)Will Not Proceed
Ana Soklič (Slovania)Will Not Proceed
Manizha (Russia)Finals!
Tusse (Sweden)Finals!
Montaigne (Australia)Finals!
Vasil (North Macedonia)Finals!
Lesley Roy (Ireland)Will Not Proceed
Elena Tsagrinou (Cyprus)Will Not Proceed
Tix (Norway)Finals!
Albina (Croatia)Finals!
Hooverphonic (Belgium)Will Not Proceed
Eden Alene (Israel)Finals!
Roxen (Romania)Finals!
Efendi (Azerbaijan) Will Not Proceed
Go_A (Ukraine) Finals!
Destiny (Malta) Finals!
NOTE: Since only ten songs make it to the finals from each semi-finals round, I had to bump Lesley Roy from “Finals” to “Will Not Proceed”.

Semi Finals Round 2

Senhit (San Marino)Finals!
Uku Suviste (Estonia)Finals!
Benny Cristo (Czech Republic)Will Not Proceed
Stefania (Greece)Finals!
Vincent Buono (Austria)Will Not Proceed

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Road to Eurovision 2021: Vincent Bueno (Austria)

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