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Today’s Feature: Rook Monroe’s “Pink and Purple”

Today’s song is “Pink and Purple” by American Indie R&B singer-songwriter Rook Monroe. If you don’t know Rook, you probably know one of his songs: Rihanna’s “Desperado“. Rook’s first three singles garnered immediate love with editorial placement on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, Tidal’s Pop: Rising, and Apple Music’s Wake Me Up. He is hoping for another hit with his newest single.

Exploring feelings and expressions through lyrics, Rook had this say about the meaning behind “Pink and Purple”:

It’s human to feel… but I feel and it scares me – just as much as it the next person, but no less scary. Too much emotion, too little emotion. It’s a balance we long for and rarely achieve. One we reflect on our whole lives and never fully understand. Whether everything seems to be going right or wrong, sometimes we feel the need to cry out… even if we’re unsure who we’re crying out to.

As a piano-driven tune, “Pink and Purple” is filled with good vibes and beautiful harmonies. This song reminds me of an Elton John song with its piano-driven sound and intricate vocal harmonies. But, it is with these harmonies that give the tune life as Rook Monroe’s voice adds much flavor and vibrant to each note. Thus making “Pink and Purple” the feel-good tune to listen to for today!

Check out “Pink and Purple” by Rook Monroe down below and let me know what you think!

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Today's Feature: Rook Monroe's "Pink and Purple"

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