Road to Eurovision 2021: Roxen (Romania)

Each day, I will feature a song from one of the countries that is in this year’s Eurovision. Like 2019, I will make my own predictions of who will make it to the finals and maybe win the compeition. Good luck to those are competing!

Roxen’s “Amnesia”

Roxen’s “Amnesia” is representing Romania in this year’s Eurovision competition. Described as a melancholic dark ballad, the most important to take away from this song is the messages; “you are not alone” and “self-love is so important”. The song follows the story of a character who has been caught up in modern society’s ways of self-neglect, calling it “self-love amnesia”. The character blames the world for the way we live life in a way that allows self-neglect. In the end, the character encourages the listeners to take time for themselves and always practice self-love. Such powerful and wise words!

The other highlights of the song are the incredible buildup and the singer’s iconic raspy vocals. The buildup starts with verses that are calm, then goes to a powerful, mid-tempo refrain, and then end with a finale full of energy. Of course, this buildup couldn’t be complete with Roxen’s iconic raspy vocals which perfectly sets the song’s sequence perfectly.

With it’s very poignant lyrics on self-love and its perfectly executed building between musical plot and vocals, it is safe to stay that Roxen’s “Amnesia” will be going to the finals!

My Eurovision 2021 Predictions

Here is my predictions for this year’s contest. These are my own opinions and I am not getting paid or endorsed for them.

Country My Prediction
The Roop (Lithuania) Will Not Proceed
Ana Soklič (Slovania) Will Not Proceed
Manizha (Russia) Finals!
Tusse (Sweden) Will Not Proceed
Montaigne (Australia) Finals!
Vasil (North Macedonia) Finals!
Lesley Roy (Ireland) Finals!
Elena Tsagrinou (Cyprus) Will Not Proceed
Tix (Norway) Finals!
Albina (Croatia) Finals!
Hooverphonic (Belgium) Will Not Proceed
Eden Alene (Israel) Finals!
Roxen (Romania) Finals!

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