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Sabreen Islam Showcases a Different Side of Her Songwriting With “count me out”

Auckland-based Indie Pop singer-songwriter Sabreen Islam has recently released her newest single “count me out” as part of her trilogy of pop. Sabreen is an emerging singer-songwriter who weaves her signature style with inspirations from the likes of Maisie Peters, Conan Gray, and dodie. Her previous released singles “glow” and “like a movie” got many positive reviews as well as attention on music mediums across New Zealand and Australia. The artist hopes that “count me out” will have the same success.

I recently talked to Sabreen via email about her music, the reason behind the trilogy of pop series, and what were the inspirations behind “count me out”. Find out below what was creating the musical side of the track and what the themes featured. While reading, make sure to listen to Sabreen’s newest single and let me know what you think in the comments!

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! Please introduce yourself! What are your favorite genres and how did you get into music?

Hi, thank you for having me! My name is Sabreen Islam, I’m a musician from Auckland. My favourite genres of music are soft-pop, acoustic, and indie-pop. I got into music when I was a kid; my dad is quite musical and got all of us kids into playing instruments as children.

Sabreen Islam

How has 2022 been so far for you?

Not too bad! I have lots of creative projects that I’m working on, which is super exciting. Unfortunately, I’ve damaged a tendon in my wrist from too much guitar playing, but hopefully, it won’t affect my music too much!

What is the most important thing that you want to include in your music and why?

Honesty. I think for me songwriting is a frank mirror I hold up to my emotions and it’s very therapeutic for me to say things in my music that I feel like I can’t articulate to anyone else. If I find I’m not being honest in a song, it usually doesn’t end up being one of my favourites.

Your press release mentions that “count me out” is the final single in your trilogy of pop. Could you tell us a little more about this trilogy? Why did you want to create this?

I did! I wanted to create a trilogy of pop songs to branch out, and showcase a different side of my songwriting. I’ve always written both acoustic/folk and pop side by side, so I wanted my discography to reflect that. These three songs are very pop in production, but at the core of them is the same songwriting that drove my earlier releases. I think songs can be dressed in different ways, so it was fun experimenting and taking listeners in a new direction. 

Speaking of “count me out”, what inspired you to write it?

Someone I love was stood up on a first date. They were so heartbroken! I remember being so mad at the guy on their behalf that I marched downstairs and wrote the song. Luckily she likes it, and it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve written!

It’s such a beautiful track with a summery feel and gorgeous layered vocals. What was create the musical side of this song? What was your favorite part?

Thank you so much! That’s really lovely to hear. When I wrote the song, I had a very distinct production in mind for it, including the ticking clocks and layered pre-chorus; and so I sat on it for years because I didn’t know any producers yet, and didn’t think I could do it by myself. But luckily I’ve reached a place in my producing skills where I could produce it on my own and create it to match the original vision I had!

My favourite part was definitely the harmonies. They’re in every song I put out, and I worked really hard to make their accent ‘count me out’ and emphasise certain lines. It was definitely the most fun part.

This song is all about self-empowerment and empowerment. How did you weave these messages into the music?

I guess it wasn’t really a conscious decision. I was channeling that anger I felt for my loved one, and this was my way of telling her that she deserved better than him. I’m glad that it can make others feel better too. Everyone deserves someone who will show up for them.

Sabreen Islam

Is there anything else you want listeners to listen to in your music?

I’d love for listeners to relate to my songs in some capacity. If my music can do that for someone, I’ll consider my job done; no matter the numbers or statistics.

What is next for you?

Exciting things, lots more music – watch this space!

Finally, any dream venues or concert festivals you would love to perform at?

Ooh, I’d love to perform somewhere in LA. They have some truly iconic venues there. I’d love to play at one of the festivals in my home country that run every summer – Rhythm and Vines, Bay Dreams, or Rhythm and Alps in beautiful Wanaka. That would be amazing.

Make sure to check out Sabreen Islam at the following:

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Sabreen Islam Showcases a Different Side of Her Songwriting With "count me out"

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