Talking With Canadian Country Singer-Songwriter Sacha About Her Newest Release “Standards”

I am back with another interview! Canadian Country singer-songwriter Sacha recently talked with ai love music via email about her music, her inspiration, and the release of her newest single “Standards”. How does the song relate to relationships? Read on to find out!

Make sure to listen to Sacha’s newest single down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

First of all, can you introduce yourself? What got you into music?

I am a singer-songwriter and Country artist. Music has been a way of life for me since childhood. I grew up in a small town in Ontario called Warkworth, in a musical household as my parents were in a band. Having pretty much every instrument in the home and parents who played gigs, it is no wonder that I chose the path of music. I’ve been passionate about singing and performing from my earliest recollection.

What musical genres and/or artists influence you?

Growing up in a musical household I have had a variety of musical influences from Janis Joplin to Patsy cline and everything in between. I’ve always loved Shania Twain, but when Taylor Swift came on the scene, that was it for me. I picked up a guitar, practiced for three hours a day, started writing songs, went to Nashville, and I have been building my dream ever since. The way she connects with her fans and her stage presence, her drive, and her passion for the art of songwriting and performance has been fundamental for her legacy. She continues to break barriers and records which have been a real inspiration to me.

You have performed alongside many artists and appeared at various festivals.
What is one important you learned from these artists and/or festivals?

The most important observation for me when I have an opportunity to perform alongside other artists is how they connect with their audience and how they keep them engaged. I think that is a key factor for the longevity of a music career.

Let’s talk about your latest single “Standards”. What is it about?

This song is about sticking to your guns when it comes to your personal standards in a relationship and most importantly, finding someone who respects and values those standards. It’s going to take more than fancy cars and credit cards when it comes to the right person stepping to the plate.

What inspired you to write the song?

This song was actually written by Karen Kosowski, Emma-Lee, and Mackenzie Porter. When I first heard this song, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I knew that this song was written for me to sing. I knew something special was going to come out of this song.

How was it producing the song? How did the songwriting process go?

Dan Swinimer produced the song from his studio in Vancouver. He flew into the Toronto area where we recorded the vocals for the song and entire EP in a span of 4-5 days at Newcomb Studios in Cobourg.

What is the center point of the song? Is it a certain melody, instrumentation,
lyrics, vocals, or something else? And why?

The centre point of the song is the message of being proud to have standards and refusing to settle. When the right person shows up, they will rise to your standards and value them just as much as you do.

You released your first EP last summer. How did it feel releasing it? What was
it like recording it?

The EP had been a two-and-a-half-year journey, from finding the right songs and taking trips to Nashville to write, to find the right producer. Once the EP was finally released, it was the greatest feeling of achievement as an Independent Artist journeying through all the unanticipated hiccups, opposition, and detours, yet finding yourself right at the destination mark.

The whole experience of recording the EP was one that will stick with me for a lifetime. We knew that something organic and unique was happening in that studio which has resulted in my first top 40 and adds to rotation on radio, top 50 on the Billboard Canadian Country Charts, winner of the IHeart Radio Future Star, and a spot in this year’s CMT next women of Country in Nashville.

What is your favorite track off that EP and why?

Ooh, that’s always a tricky answer for me as I have a few favourite tracks on the EP, but if I have to choose one it would have to be “Standards” because of the message and its sonic appeal. There’s some really cool ear candy happening with some instrumentation and the hook.

What do you want listeners to take away from listening to your music?

I want listeners to find a song where they can relate, escape, be encouraged, and have a good time when listening to my music.

What are your future plans?

I am currently writing more songs and working on new music. I can’t wait to get another song on the radio!

Finally, any final words for the readers of ai love music?

I would just like to encourage readers to nurture their originality, cultivate authenticity and see their dreams and passions through. Keep your eyes on the mark, and find your way to it. If you don’t see a way, make a way!