Reliving 90s’ hit “Save Your Dreams” with Tomomi Kahala

It’s Sunday Lyrics Sunday here on ai love music! This week’s prompt, Dream/Lullaby/Sleep, is bought to you by Jim at A Unique Title For Me. I was originally going to feature Alisha’s “Do You Dream About Me” but someone beat me to that. I also can’t talk about The Party’s “In My Dreams” as I talked about that before. I decided instead to feature this song: ” Save Your Dreams”.

90s Jpop Star: Tomomi Kahala

“Save Your Dreams” is Tomomi Kahala’s fifth single and one of many to sell over a million copies. You see, Kahala was one of the powerhouse acts of the 90s with a bunch of rememberable hits and her face was everywhere: magazines, TV, and etc. This gravure/magazine idol turned singer’s only rival during that time was Namie Amuro as the media would pit the two singers against each other whenever they release new material.

Kahala’s success was all thanks to the mega-producer Tetsuya Komuro, who I have talked A LOT before with T.M. Network, globe, and Misato Watanabe. However, the two were more than producer and his protegee back then, they were lovers. And, they weren’t shy about it at all. They would appear on various TV shows, holding hands and goofing around. They also appeared holding hands on the cover of Kahala’s album storytelling. The public would adore the couple with Kahala’s cute, schoolgirl-like, happy-go-lucky antics. However, their relationships had a dark side as tabloids reported they were abusing drugs among other scandals.

However, their puppy love didn’t last as long as the two split somewhere in late 1998. Komuro rebounded with a new girlfriend, asami from dos (Who later married Komuro, have his kid, and then divorce him). But for Kahala, the heartbreak was too much as she lost her lover and her career was going down the drain (by the end of 1998, her music wasn’t charting well), Tomomi became depressed and tried to kill herself many times.

It took Kahala a long time to recover. But, she did it and has come back to the music scene since 2011. She is currently expecting her first child!

Save Your Dreams

“Save Your Dreams” is one of my favorite Kahala tunes. I really love singing this pop-rock song because of the high notes in the beginning. Also, love the guitar riffs during the song, especially at the interlude. But, I think what makes “Save Your Dreams” memorable is Tomomi’s amazing vocal range and her ability to go to the high notes.

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