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Talking With the UK Synthpop Duo Screams From The Sun About Their Latest Release: “Down Down”

I am back with another interview, this time with the UK Synthpop duo Screams From The Sun. Continue on reading to find out more about this duo, their connection with 80s bands, and also the meaning behind their latest released “Down Down”. It is something that we all have experienced during these recent months.

Please check out the song below too and let me know what you think of it in the comments!

First of all, could you introduce yourself?

We are Mimí and Francis, aka Screams From The Sun. A two-piece band from London who started to play together at the end of 2017 as a street act while we were starting to write our material. 

What musical genres or artists influences the band’s music? 

Mimí grew up with a passion for artists such as The Police, Tears For Fears, Duran Duran, Phil Collins while Francis was more into the sound of acts like The Cure, Green Day, The Killers. What brought us together in the first place was the unconditional love for bands such as Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, Imagine Dragons, and The 1975. This is why we could say that we are trying to mix our love for Synth-Pop music with the raw passion of the alternative rock.

According to your Spotify profile, you describe yourself as “those emo feels twisted with the vibes of an 80s Hollywood blockbuster”?

We always liked a good opening line to introduce ourselves. In the two years we spent gigging in clubs, venues, small festivals and during our street shows we understood that we’d love to recreate that sense of freedom and motivational vibes like when someone’s watching a classic movie from the ’80s, but always trying to keep that emotional side of angst, rebellion and all the feelings a person can go through.

Can you tell me about “DOWN DOWN”? What is the story behind it?

“DOWN DOWN” has been the first song we’ve created from apart. During the pandemic, we were stuck in two different countries, but the will to keep writing and releasing music was too strong. Mimí had this instrumental part he wrote at the airport a couple of weeks before. One day Francis wrote a song trying to express in words that feeling of anxiety that was increasing because of being in lockdown. Turns out that the chords progression of the two ideas was really similar and we tried to put them together and this is pretty much how the song was born.

What was it like recording it?

“DOWN DOWN” was recorded in different sessions and locations between London and Florence. Most of the parts were recorded at “The PleasureDome” (Mimì’s home studio) in Florence. Usually, when Francis comes in Italy we try to record as much stuff as possible so we can have a more cohesive sound, but thanks to the technology today artists can record everywhere, in the middle of nowhere and at any time.

You talk about the song being about the “feeling of anxiety that most musicians are suffering from”? have you experienced this, especially during the lockdown? If so, how did you cope?

Being for so long in the streets has taught us and showed us how achieving this dream can be really frustrating sometimes. Every artist has a different story but we all have one thing in common, the will of making it. So you’re spending time, money, relationships just to keep writing and release song after song hoping that every time will be better than the previous one. This can be so stressful sometimes and for people who’re suffering from anxiety, this can be tricky too.

Playing live is such a great way to release our emotions, at least for us, and this is why not having the chance to perform and seeing tons of gigs and plans canceled has been hard, for all of us in the music industry. Keep writing and recording, doing live streams on social media and trying to find new ways to keep in touch with our audience and ourselves has definitely been the solution to cope with the situation.

What is your favorite track in the duo’s discography?

Francis: I’d say “DOWN DOWN” because it is a song that resonates the most with who I am now and has been like a cure to write in lyrics what I had in my mind. A special place in my heart will always be for THE BATTLE, the first song we wrote together. A song about new beginnings and new opportunities. 

Mimi: My favourite track (at the moment) is “DOWN DOWN” because the powerful instrumental push the lyrics up on an 80’s workflow.

What are your plans for the future?

We are leaving in a very strange period so at the moment our plan is to release as much music as possible and be ready for 2021 full of concerts,  maybe not only here in Uk but all around the world. We’re taking this time to become a better version of ourselves and we’re now on the hunt for a record label for our next release, a song that will also feature the voices of several fans of ours from all over the world.

What do you want listeners to listen for in your music?

We would like that in our music people could feel the passion, the hard work that we make on each instrument and lyrics. When we write songs we try to put emotion on it because every song is like a book, every song has to bring you into another dimension. This is why we’d love to become one of those bands who can write music that speak for you and can give you the chance to feel like you’re belonging to something.

What would you like to say to the readers of ai love music?  

To whoever is reading this, THANK YOU! We’re glad you got to know us a bit more and we hope to get the chance to meet you all one day. Music has no limits and so do you, so keep on dreaming and keep on running towards your goals. Maybe while listening to your new favourite synthpop rock duo From The Sun.

About the Artist: Screams From The Sun

Screams From the Sun is Francis Jupiter (Vocals-Guitars-Songwriter) and Mimi Out (Drums-Synths-Bass-Production). It all started in 2017 when Mimí noticed Francis busking outside Bond Street St in Central London and decided to approach him. Francis Jupiter on guitar and vocals and Mimí Out on drums and music production, the duo spent a year writing and recording while busking around the streets of London and playing gigs in established venues and unsigned festivals.

Screams From the Sun are influenced by the discographies of Imagine Dragons, Thirty Seconds To Mars, 21 Pilots, Tears For Fears, The Police.

Make sure to check out Screams From the Sun at the following site:

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