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The Daily Feature: Séa Byrne’s “That’s Why I Love U – Verano Mix”

Today’s Daily Feature is “That’s Why I Love U – Verano Mix” by Irish Indie Pop/Rock singer-songwriter Séa Byrne. This version of “That’s Why I Love U” features a new vocal top line and is re-mixed and re-mastered by Charles Connolly. This track is truly international as it features Dublin songwriting, Colombian music, and London mixing. It is the perfect tune to listen to during the summer as this mix features a soulful indie soundscape wrapped in a warmth similar to beach music. It is mellow, ear-pleasing, and just strikes the right chords with appeasing melodies to make this a summer hit!

Make sure to check out “That’s Why I Love U – Verano Mix” down below. What do you like about this song? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Séa Byrne

Séa Byrne is a singer and musician based in Dublin, Ireland. They write their own songs but collaborate with musicians and producers all over the world. They are working on their 1st album and so far have released six songs. Séa Byrne’s musical style stretches across many genres. At the moment, they are exploring tropical melodies and rhythms like calypso and Latin pop. They hope to blend this flavourful sound with songs about love, overcoming obstacles, and world problems.

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