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Need a New Favorite Tune? September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist is For You!

Need a new favorite tune? Then, the September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist is what you need!

All of September, I have promoted 40 tracks from a variety of artists from every corner of the world on the September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist, all on Spotify. The music is diverse as some tracks are rock, some are pop, some are dance, and some are electronic. There is something inside this amazing playlist for everyone!

Find out which artists made the playlist and listen to their songs! And if you like them, please make sure to tell me in the comments below. But also, follow them as they would love it!

What is Featured in the September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist?

Before I reveal the playlist, let me introduce you the songs and the artists.

There is a little bit of everything from funk to disco with “Miss Me When I’m Gone ” by Jess Fitz. It’s a tune filled with a whirlwind of emotions. A catchy tune that features a funky beat and Fitz’s wide range of talented vocals. It is a must-listen as it is brilliantly written and features amazing musicians. Also featured in this playlist is “Miss Me When I’m Gone” and “I’m Fine” (which I love with Jess’ smoky vocals and that sax!).

Featured in this September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist is four songs from UK band Ash‘s newest release: “Burn Baby Burn”, “Envy”, “Cocoon”, “Starcrossed”, “Annabel”, “Uncle Pat”, and “Darkest Hour of the Night”. These songs are part of a collection that celebrates 25 years of the band being together, which is called “TEENAGE WILDLIFE: 25 YEARS OF ASH”. The music from this trio is addictive as each track features stunning melodies and appealing vocals.

If you need something to enjoy autumn with or just time, then enjoy it with UK folk-pop singer-songwriter louderman‘s newest release. How To Travel Through Time, the artist’s newest release, is an audio map of louderman’s life: the highs and the lows. It is something that everyone can relate to. The tracks featured on the playlist are “What It Is You Are”, “Something for the Sea”, and “The Western Shore”.

UK electronica artist Lucas Gil guides listeners on an electrifying journey on his latest release “Escape – Radio Edit”. It is described as an “uplifting track with 80’s synth-wave vibes”. It is a pretty cool tune as the 80’s synth-wave vibes are chilled and really pleasant to listen to!

Compared to GBV, REM, Squeeze, Tom Petty, Hüsker Dü, Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, even Nada Surf, UK indie rock band The Volunteered features a laid-back sound in their newest release We Fall Apart. Featured in this September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist is “The Lights”, “Something New”, and “Bless the News”. Mostly short and acoustic, the tunes featured We Fall Apart is a really pleasant listen as they are laid-back and features raw emotions.

Baytrees are back with a groovy rock track entitled “Falling In Love”. With its groovy melodies, laid-back vocals, driven bass, and funky guitar, this track from this UK band is a must-listen as it such an attractive track! It got me dancing! P.S.; Don’t forget to check out their latest track “Sunlight”!

“To Wonder” is a beautiful, laid-back acoustic piece by Gitta de Ridder from the Netherlands. According to the artist, this tune was inspired by the likes of “First Aid Kit and Gillian Welch”. This country tune features a pedal steel drum guitar and a smooth drum rhythm. But, my favorite part is the melodies and the beautiful melody featured in the chorus! It one of the prettiest chorus that I have ever heard!

UK band Budd released a demo version of one of their songs: “Corduroy”. It features more of a stripped sound as it features a lot of a rhythmic guitar and vocals. The bands hopes that their songs can bring people to the dance floor and just groovy to their songs! What about you: could you dance to this song?

Hailing from the capital of Sweden, funk-pop band Tomode hopes to make your life groovy as you get up to dance with their latest release “Destiny No. 20”. The band had to say about the track: “We want to make music that can act as a remedy to the slight despair we all feel, living through the 2020’s. Destiny No. 20 opens the door to everything we love – it’s got vibrant drums, pulsating arpeggios, disco guitars and a funky bassline.” I am in love with this track as it is one of favorites on this playlist: it’s funky, full of great vocals (and melodies), and awesome melodies. I love that guitar melody, especially during the chorus!

From Italy, the blues/grunge rock band Oozy Woods released their latest album In Between. For the September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist, three tracks from this albums are featured: “Show It To Me”, “Penny”, and “Bring Us Back”. Although each track has their own different energy, each feature an appealing melody and the strong vocals from the lead singer. My person favorite is “Bring Us Back” as it reminds me of the energy of Pearl Jam: raw, high-energy, and powerful.

Another favorite of mine on this playlist is “Thrive” by alt pop artist and producer Emzae. This pop song features some unusual yet ear-pleasing melodies, great electronic grooves, and smooth vocals. The artist had this to say about the track: “THRIVE is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable or out of place in a social setting,”.

English indie folk singer-songwriter lilith ai displays her emotions during lockdown with her latest release “Quarantine”. This is a song that we can all relate to as I think everyone has felt the same way during lockdown. What can you relate to with lilith ai’s newest tune?

On the same vein of lockdowns and quarantines, “When This Is Over” by the UK indie/alt-rock band The Velvet Hands celebrates the end of the lockdown. “‘When This Is Over’​ is released on the 3rd of July​ and is a celebration of lockdown ending and normality returning to the UK,” the band explained, “The song is being released to raise money and awareness for The Music Venue Trust in support of the ongoing crisis affecting the live music industry during Covid 19.” This is such a upbeat bop that can get many heads bopping up and down!

The latest release from the UK classic/indies rock band March Twenty-One is inspired by the Chinese proverb “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”. “Sometimes” is a heartfelt tune that is a pleasant listen. It also reminds me of 90s rock somehow. If you like this song, make sure to listen to their newest single “Guns and Thunder”!

From Down Under, Australian singer Trent-Jean expresses our feelings of being not lost in this unusual world with this latest release “Manchester by the Sea”. This upbeat, funky alt-pop tune inspires people to be their own self, no matter how lost or alone we are; enjoy this confusion we call life. “So why won’t you dance with me, Manchester By The Sea”

cotoba, a five-piece math rock act based in South Korea, released their second EP called name of The Seasons. This EP, featuring a mixture of Korean and Japanese language tunes, is dipped with jazz but shows an aggressive side of the band. Such a beautiful array of sounds are featured in this album. For the September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist, three tracks from this albums are featured: “reyn – KR ver. -“, “Next movement”, and “summer Daybreak -JP ver.-“.

The Rhythm Kartel will have you up and dancing with his latest release “Booty Skank”. It is a dancehall tune with some elements of pop. What do you think of this tune, do you think you could get up and dance with it? P.S.: make sure to check out his latest release “Leaving Town” with Daniel Mason.

Inspired by Shura, Georgia and all things pop, London-based alt-pop singer Ro released her cool-sounding tune “Low in the Evenings”. It doesn’t feature much, just Ro’s vocals and a bare-boned electronic backing instruments. Even though the tune is really minimal, it is a great tune to listen to as it is very easy to listen to and very relaxing.

Inspired by classic songwriters like Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, UK alt-folk/pop singer-songwriter Nixon Tate releases two new songs “Gentle and Ruthless” and “The Weight”. “I need songs to talk to me,” he says, “and lyrics to tell stories and conjure narratives and realities.” Such beautiful tunes!

An upbeat rock tune that features euphoric vocals and a electrifying guitar, “Monday” by UK indie rock band Crystal Tides will jump start your Mondays. We can all relate to the lyrics to this rock tune, right? “Monday” is such a great listen with the great vocals, the rocking melodies, electrifying instruments, and the upbeat rock tempo!

Another favorite tunes of mine on this playlist is “Portrayal Of Illusion” by dream-pop artist Bonje in Yurt. This tune reminds me of Prince meets
Scritti Politti. Prince because of the groovy melodies and the slick guitar chords. And Scritti Politti because of the dreamy vocals! The combination of a groovy guitar and instrumental with dreamy vocals is what makes “Portrayal Of Illusion” such a wonderful tune! “Rock and aesthetics. When music and painting meet.”

The final song to be featured on the September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist is “Drive Me Crazy” by UK electronic pop and EDM artist Julia F with Max Romer. Julia F’s clear and sweet vocals will get you addicted to this tune as they are so great! The instrumental by Max is also great as it is colorful and pop-ish.

The Playlist

What is your favorite tune on this playlist? Let me know in the comments below!

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Need a New Favorite Tune? September 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist is For You!

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