You are currently viewing Exploring American Rock Artist Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ Latest Releases

Exploring American Rock Artist Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ Latest Releases

It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week! Today’s Daily Feature is a bit special as it doesn’t only feature one song, but three! These tunes are “Kaleidoscope”, “Patriarch”, and “Novel Opening”, written and performed by American rock singer-songwriter Seven Layer Piano Cakes. Let explore each song down below. Don’t forget to tell me which ones are your favorites in the comments!


The first tune to be featured is “Kaleidoscope”, which was released in November of last year. It gives off a dream-like vibe with its piano-driven instrumentation, soothing moods, and airy vocals. By the middle, Seven Layer Piano Cakes changes things up a bit by adding synths, a solid drum beat, and harmonies. My favorite part is actually the weird chord progression in the second half of the song as it presents something uniquely odd. But, be sure to listen to the end of the song as it climaxes with a dramatic vocal section and then ends with a mellow melody.


The next tune is “Patriarch”, which has to be my personal favorite. Why? This tune, which is about war and its effects on young soldiers and their families, is such powerful with its heavy guitar riffs, power piano chords, epic backing vocals, and the beauty in that minor key progression! Inspired by legendary rock bands and artists like the Beach Boys, Queen, and Elton John, it is such a marvelous creation! It is just perfect!

“Novel Opening”

The last song to be featured by Seven Layer Piano Cakes is “Novel Opening”, which is the newest one. Like “Patriarch”, it is a song that is written in a minor key. And, it is also influenced by the Beach Boys, but you can hear more of the influence in the harmonies of “Novel Opening”. If you are a fan of such bands as Thrice, Sufjan, or Beach House, you will enjoy this dark dream-pop song.

About the Artist: Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Seven Layer Piano Cakes is the musical alter ego of Justin Hoyt, a Los Angeles-based attorney and law professor. A new EP “The Patriarch” recently came out of the Bakery (Justin’s name for the studio) featuring three new genre-bending tracks that include elements of dream pop, alternative rock, classic rock, and indietronica.

Justin, a classically trained pianist and vocalist, was inspired to write, perform and produce music that is a throwback to the complexities and sounds of different prior eras. Not content to establish just one sound, “The Patriarch” seems to be a bouillabaisse of sounds, containing feels of acts as diverse as Queen, The Beach Boys, Thrice, Elton John, Beach House, and Sufjan Stevens. One thing, however is consistent with Seven Layer Piano Cakes, regardless of the song, you will always get some interesting chord progressions, dissonant tones. You’ll always also get some seventh chords, myriad musical layers, emotive piano and intricate vocal harmonies (the “cakes”). And hence the name.

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Exploring American Rock Artist Seven Layer Piano Cakes' Latest Releases

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