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The Daily Feature: What Makes Shadi G’s “SPACE” So Infectious?

What makes “SPACE” by Swedish Contemporary R&B/Lo-fi Pop artist Shadi G such an infectious tune? I have been listening to this tune over and over all day to find out the answer. It could be the vocals. They remind me of a lighter version of Ariana Grande as Shadi G’s vocals are sweet, pure, and light. These vocals are mostly sung in the higher range and in a whisper tone. But, that is a good thing as they create an ambient vibe that is filled with a warm and soothing feeling.

It could be the lyrics that make this song such a must-listen. Shadi G has said that “the song touches upon the matter of being stuck at a certain point in life, wanting to get out. But how sometimes what’s holding you back is the mindset of the ones that love you the most.” I think almost everyone can pinpoint a moment like the one described in “SPACE”, thus making this song so relatable to the listeners.

Whatever the case may be, “SPACE” by Shadi G is such a delightful yet infectious song to listen to. It could be the relatable lyrics, the ambient mood, or the light vocals that define this song. How about you: What makes “SPACE” a must-listen? Listen to the song below and tell me in the comments!

About the Artist: Shadi G

Shadi G

Shadi G is a Swedish songwriter, producer, and singer whose soulful voice and unique RnB/Soul sound is striking the attention of some of Sweden’s biggest music magazines. Being schooled in classical music from a young age, growing up with music all from jazz, RnB, soul, hip hop to Persian music, where she has her roots, Shadi is crossing borders with her own soulful sound, both in style and language.

Straight after high school, the singer went off to London to learn music production and in 2016 she released her debut single Lost”, which got her on to some of Sweden’s biggest playlists. In 2017 she started her own record label, Goldamin Records, from which the second single “Where We Go”, was released. From the label followed her first EP “No Fear” and singles “Disconnection” and “Mind”.

A new artist but already carving out a clear space in her field, and as stated by Soundlooks Magazine: “Discussions are quietly surfacing about whether Shadi G may become an important face of contemporary R&B”.

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What Makes Shadi G's "SPACE" So Infectious?

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