Signs of Tranquility Crafts an Emotive World Sonically Within Their Self-Titled Album

Post author:American band Signs of Tranquility explodes onto the music scene with their self-titled album. This eleven-track album is an eclectic journey that spans different musical textures, sounds, and emotions. Using each member’s musical talents, the band creates a wholesome masterpiece that is an exquisite listen from start to finish. Ho? Let’s find that answer down below.

A Journey From Start to Finish

Signs of Tranquility’s newest album featured a beautiful balance of melodic metal and EDM to paint an electrifying yet hard-hitting journey of various emotions. Listeners can hear how the band uses EDM and melodic metal in their music in the first track “All Against Me” with the synths bubbling in with the blazing metal guitar riffs. How the band unites these two genres together in just one song is a marvelous feat with the band going from one genre to another seamlessly with pronounced transitions. Similar songs that featured this blend of EDM and melodic tracks are “Dark Ages”, “What Dreams May Come”, and “Alive and Well”.

The band’s compositions are innovated as this may be the first time that a listener these two polar opposite genres together. Many would not think that EDM, a dance-based genre, would be a perfect fit for melodic metal, a mostly rock genre. But the band makes it work perfectly!

But, there is an acoustic side featured in such tracks as “Savior” and “Vivid Emotion” that gives the album a different perspective. However, these more aural tracks don’t lose the band’s emotional journey but give them a new depth with the haunting melodies, the use of heavy piano keys, and an ethereal soundscape. Even the “Interlude” is performed so beautifully that the listeners feel the emotions presented so deeply. It is such a gorgeous composition that cannot be missed!

Listeners should listen to this album from start to finish as it presents a journey of various emotions. Through the electronic melodies, instrumental interludes, and heavy-hitting metals, the band explores the emotional world of both light and darkness as they explore themes of isolation, pain, being alive, and love. Each track is to be savored individually for how the band paints the track’s musical topic musically with riffs, chords, and melodies that invoke so many emotions.

Final Thoughts

Signs of Tranquility’s self-titled album is a stunning musical masterpiece that explores different emotions deeply within different musical genres. Each chord, note, and melody featured in each track are well-thought and crafted exquisitely so the listener could experience each featured emotion so vividly. If you are a fan of Within Temptation, Evanescence, Amaranthe, Epica, Nightwish, and Ad Infinitum, you have to check out this album today!

Make sure to check out Signs of Tranquility’s album down below. What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Signs of Tranquility

Signs of Tranquility is a 5-piece Melodic Metal band with Electronic Elements out of Denver, Colorado. This project started with compositions by Justin Davis (Drummer/Samples) had been created in 2012. Kaylie Haynes (Lead Vocals) and Kevin Shaw (Guitar) joined in March 2019, and the creative chemistry became instantly apparent as we began to work on the music together. Jace Pembroke (Bass) finalized the original lineup and the band went into the studio late that year to start recording our self-titled album.

The band first debuted their live show in January 2020. When the pandemic shut down live music shortly thereafter, Signs of Tranquility focused heavily on recording music and videos for our debut album, which is nearly complete. Late 2021 saw rapid growth in the band, expanding to a 5-piece with the addition of a second guitarist, Sean Smith, and a new bassist, Steve Stockburger. The band also signed to DI Records at this time. We are constantly seeking to expand and improve, and are excited to be planning even bigger and better things in the coming years!