You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Silvertwins of funk’s Third Single “Time”

The Daily Feature: Silvertwins of funk’s Third Single “Time”

Today’s tune is “Time” by the Swedish Neo-Soul/Funk/Contemporary R&B Silvertwins of funk. The singer-songwriter’s third single is one of my personal recommendations for January as it is composed so nicely and has a nice beat. It reminds me of old school funk like “Rapper’s Delight” but with a sort of modern take like Daft Punk’s latest release. The bit of electric distortion on the vocals is a nice touch as it gives a futuristic feel. Yet, Silvertwins of funk features a diverse set of vocals: from slick tenor ones to imperative, deep bass. Although their range differentiates at different points, the vocals really gel well with the mellow yet cool melody.

“Time” is today’s must-listen with its funkalistic beats, cool melodies, and the variety in the vocals.

Make sure to listen to “Time” by Silvertwins of funk down below and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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The Daily Feature: Silvertwins of funk's Third Single "Time"

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