[Single] SHIHO – Giri Giri Yuuwaku

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Artist: 志穂 (SHIHO)shiho1
Single Title: ぎりぎり・誘惑 (Giri Giri Yuuwaku)
Date Released: April 21st, 1989
Catalog Code: CA-8216
Label: Nippon Columbia
Genre: Japanese Pop
1.  ぎりぎり・誘惑
About / Review
SHIHO (whose real name is Toshiho Sakamo) was an sexy idol singer from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Not much is know about her except she did a lot of AV Videos, photobooks, and singles/records. She seemed have been riding the popular wave at the time in terms of being sexy and having a good to great singing voice (Please see Aya Sugimoto, another sexy idol singer who help paved the way for other sexy idol singers to be rising stars in the Japanese music industry).
Girigiri Yuuwaku is nothing short of what you can call a “sexy single”. SHIHO’s vocal and the tone of music in each track helps solidify that there is a sexy tone going on with this single (especially with SHIHO, who has a sexy voice type when it comes to singing). The first track, Girigiri Yuuwaku, is a great song that starts off with being a great song with the downbeat of beat one with the guitar solo. The major climax of the song is the sax solo, which is a really amazing feat of the song and my favorite part of the song, that sets the song’s theme of a sad theme (with the help of the minor overtones within the piece too). As for the B-side, SHIHO doesn’t fall short of another great song. SECRET DANCER is like a sexy latin song with a dance beat to it. The best part of the song is again the  awesomeness of Shiho’s sexy singing voice and instrument soloist in the song (which, this time, is a guitar solo).
In conclusion, this single is a what you call the sexy sound of the 80’s with the latin beat, the dance sound, and the singer’s “sexy” vocals. This single will not disappoint you if you like the 80’s type of dancr music. Please give this single a listen! (You won’t regret it!)
Trivia: Girigiri Yuuwaku was the opening theme to the TBS Dorama “I Love You kara Hajimeyou”, which ran from April 7 to June 16, 1989.

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