ViVA! – "Shijousaidai no Yuuwaku"

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Artist: ViVA!
Single Title: 史上最大の誘惑 (Shijousaidai no Yuuwaku)
Date Released: April 21st, 1993
Catalog Code: ESDB-3379
Label: Nippon Columbia
Genre: Japanese Idol Pop
1.  史上最大の誘惑 
2.  Girl Friend
Information: Generasia // iTunes JP
About / Review
ViVA! was a three member sub-unit for the Japanese idol Tokyo Performance Doll from 1993 to 1994. Ichii Yuri (who would be famous for her rap song “DA.YO.NE” two years later),  Anai Yuko (who would be famous for doing lesser known video game songs), and Yagita Mai (not as well-known as the other but did have a small solo career) were members of ViVA!. In a span of one year, the group released two singles while participating in Tokyo Performance Doll’s albums and lives. Sadly, the group disbanded in 1994 as the members graduated to do bigger and better things.
When Tokyo Performance Doll/TPD decided to revive with new members in 2013, I was not a happy camper. Why did someone think to revive a legendary group that had some big name stars in the group? Ok, ok! A lot of my friends and co-workers only know Shinohara Ryoko and, if you mention the song “DA.YO.NE” and/or East EndxYuri, Ichii Yuri. The point is they should have given the “new” Tokyo Performance Doll a different name, even if it relates to TPD! Leave the past in the past. (The new Tokyo Performance Doll (or “TPD” for short) don’t even sing the original group’s songs. What gives?)
This single, “Shijousaidai no Yuuwaku”, is dedicated to those who don’t know or haven’t listen to the old TPD. “Shijousaidai no Yuuwaku” is a typical idol single with its pop sound, individual solo lines for the girls mixed with the group lines, and the heavy use of electronic instruments lie the keyboard and synthesizer.  To be honest, I don’t particularly like the title song as its bland with choral singing and the music isn’t exciting. You can here this song’s style all over TPD’s discography. Nothing’s new. However, the b-side, “Girl Friend”, is completely opposite as the song is funky (just like Ichii’s personality), very upbeat, has a very interesting melodic line in the chorus, very cute lyrics, and solo lines for the girls! Also, the costumes in the video linked above describes the song perfectly; vibrant, fun, and weird. (To note, I really like the costumes in the video as they are glow in the dark!)
I strongly recommend listening to “Girl Friend” first and then “Shijousaidai no Yuuwaku”. They might make you want to get up and dance and maybe spin around!

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