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Find Your True Love in Sir Christopher Saint’s “Happenis”

American singer-songwriter Sir Christopher Saint recently released his newest single entitled “Happenis”. The artist is currently based in Los Angeles. Some of his recent achievements include writing the anthem for Mcdonald’s first-ever House Of Pride Campaign and writing for artists such as Paris Hilton, Netflix, Count the Nation, and Verizon Media. He also won his first music honor in 2017 for “Choice Music Video” at OutWebFest. Named by Forbes as one of the top entrepreneurs in America in 2021, Christopher hopes to continue to uplift and empower others with his powerful message of love through his voice and music.

Sir Christopher Saint recently talked about the single via email to ai love music. He mentioned the meaning behind the lyrics as well as why he wanted to create such a positive single. Check out the single down below. What do you like about it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hey! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi there! My name is Sir Christopher Saint. I’m a pop star, entrepreneur, and activist from Los Angeles.

Sir Christopher Saint

What got you into music? How has that journey been since then?

Music for me was always my safe haven. I fell in love with pop stars because for me they were the embodiment of self-confidence. Growing up gay, pop music was a celebration of self-expression and sexual empowerment. It helped me become more of my true self. It’s been a long journey but I am now able to proudly wear my heart and my art on my sleeve as my authentic self.

Which artists and genres inspire your music?

I say that I’m making my own flavor of futuristic bubblegum. I love artists of the early 2000s and how fun bubblegum pop was. I was always inspired by pop icons like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. The first album I ever bought as a kid was Spice World by the Spice Girls and I’ll never forget it!

How has 2022 been so far? Are there any goals you are working on for your music?

I’m really excited to be an artist at this time. I’m pushing myself with the content I’m creating and really excited about the songs I’ll be releasing this year. I made a music video short film with my best friend and fellow artist and actor, Conor Sheehan. The project will be released this year and has already been selected to screen in film festivals all over the world. I’ll also be releasing my first album titled “Songs About Conor,” which is planned for sometime this summer. I don’t really have goals except to keep making music as honestly and truthfully as possible. That is my main mission… to keep creating and sharing with the world my own version of love.

Let’s talk about your recent single “Happenis”. What is it about? Why is it called “Happenis”?

It’s a cheeky song about finding your true love. It’s about finding “your person” who fills you with happiness. The wordplay is so creative and iconic. I love it!

Why was it important to release a song like this?

As a pop star, I’m always writing my version of a love song. That’s my passion… telling love stories. This one is bright and optimistic and whimsical. I think the world needs more Happenis!

Sir Christopher Saint

What was production on this single like?

The song was co-written with an amazing songwriter and artist named Brooke Tomlinson and was produced by Will Everett. Both of them have been long-time friends and really get me artistically and sonically. I feel like it has a modern pop feel but is also nostalgic at the same time… very reminiscent of the early Katy-Perry era!

Were there any sounds, lyrics, melodies, rhythms, or textures you wanted to highlight in this song? Why?

I think the lyrics for me are special in this one, even beyond the title. As a songwriter, I feel like there is so much genuine emotion and truth behind every song I write. Believe it or not, I bawled during the songwriting session. I was crying with Brooke just tapping into the feeling of finding true love. The line “I’m no longer a sad boy, ‘cause you’re the best that I had boy” makes me think of the unbridled joy I’ll have when I am finally with my soulmate.

What do you want listeners to listen for in “Happenis”?

I want them to believe in love more every time they listen to it… also, to feel sexy and flirty with each listen!

Any future plans?

My next single, “Let’s Manifest,” is on its way! This is going to be an exciting music year. I think we’ve all been stuck in our homes for the last two years that an artistic resurgence is coming and is on its way. It’s here. I’m so excited to be a part of it.

Make sure to check out Sir Christopher Saint at the following:

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