Sitting Down With Kuba Kluza to Find the Meaning of Ourselves In "This Time"

“Who am I?”

“What is the purpose of MY life?”

“Which direction should I lead my life in?”

If you are like me, you have asked these questions many times over the course of your lifetime. There is nothing wrong with them. Yet, sometimes these questions can cause certain feelings like uncertainty, fear, and doubt to creep into our hearts. But also, we have been told by others in the society we live in that we have to fulfill a specific role and follow a generic map of our lives. Even though our hearts don’t agree with these general roles and life maps, this is what society strongly advises us to do.
Polish singer-songwriter Kuba Kluza shares this dilemma in his new single “This Time”. I interviewed the singer-songwriter about his musical background, influences, and the meanings behind his new song.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
I’m Kuba Kluza coming from the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland. I’m a pop singer and songwriter but also a pianist. I grew up in a musical family in which the majority of its members are somehow related to music. I graduated from music primary school and music high school in my hometown in piano classes, but I’ve always been more into singing.
2. What are your musical inspirations? How did they shape you as an artist?
I actually listen to various kinds of music, and when it comes to my artistry, I have many inspirations. I think my songwriting is close to Adele’s or Ed Sheeran’s, but I also plan to make some contemporary r&b tracks. When I was younger, I remember being under the impression of Sting’s album with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. It influenced my desire to create songs with a more full, symphonic sound. As a beginner, it’s hard for me to tell how those musical inspirations do shape me as an artist but for now, I see my own ideas are often inspired by their music.
3. What are some of your favorite artists?
The artists I mentioned before – Adele, Ed Sheeran or Sting – are for sure one of my favorites. But primarily I look up to iconic people. Michael Jackson is definitely one of them. I’m currently reading his autobiographic book called ‘Moonwalk”. I think he’s one of the biggest game changers in music’s history, if not the biggest. The way he created his legendary image, as well as the heritage he left behind, is empowering. You just can’t confuse his songs with someone else’s – they are all unique. I’m also a fan of Beyonce. The thing is that I’m not a fan of her look on-stage or public image but her hard work, voice, and authenticity that highlights when she’s off the stage. Also, think her music production is at the highest level.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic4. Tell me about “This Time.” How did you come up with the tune?
‘This Time’ has a very significant meaning for me. It’s one of the first songs that I made and the meaning behind it is also very close to my heart. I came up with the idea about two years ago (or even earlier) and since that time the song has undergone some modifications – both in lyrics and music field. When I decided I want to record it, my dad who is a conductor and arranger helped me with the final arrangement of the tune. Also, my sister made a contribution in this one, cause she recorded live strings in the instrumental.
5.  I love the piano melody! It’s so calming and soothing. Was that the purpose of that melody? How did you come up with that?
Well, the piano I recorded myself. Actually, all the songs I make have a beginning with the piano base. I start to write a song sitting at the piano in my home and trying to come up with some chords or some nice harmony. So was with ‘This Time’. Later on, I decided the piano fits perfect to this song, and I couldn’t imagine this track without it.
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6. The lyrics are really something. Can you tell me about the lyrics more in details? Any backstories?
As I said before, the lyrics are meaningful to me. I wrote the lyrics during the period of shaping my life destiny. It was a hard time for me because I knew what I wanted to achieve in my life, what my dreams and desires were but I felt I lacked tools then. I became an adult. I felt this social pressure to make a one-track way in my life and start to settle down somehow. This feeling of knowing what you want and not being able to fulfill this is overwhelming. What I like about those lyrics is that they are universal. I mean anyone can relate to them in their own way. The song is made up of an act of calling for a helping hand. For the answers and support. For me, the addressee is God, but it can be any relevant person or people to someone another.
7. What words would you associate with “This Time”? Why?
I would say: “assistance”, “identification” and “honesty”. The “assistance” because that’s what this song is basically about. It’s about begging for the support, for the help while being at a standstill. It goes along with the message which is to assist people, especially the young ones on their path of adulthood. “Identification” because I think many, many people can identify with the lyrics of this song. I think there were and still, there are many people who feel similar to myself was when writing ‘This Time.’ And “honesty” because I write about things that I really care about and they’all are genuine. I can’t write a song about anything. The lyrics of my pieces must be significant in some way to me. I just want to identify with what I write about.
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8. What are the things you want the listeners to listen for in “This Time”? What do you want them to take away?
I would really like them to focus on the lyrics actually. I know that the words ain’t something sophisticated, they’re written simply, But I’d love to draw the listeners’ attention on the message of ‘This Time.’ I want them to realize what this song really means.
9. What are your future goals and aspirations?
I have many future aspirations and considerable dreams to carry out! From now I aim to be on the top. To make my music be heard all over the world. When it comes to my plans to happen soon – there’s new single on the way!
10. Any last words for the readers?
Well, I hope you will like my music and that you stay with me for a while.
You can listen to “This Time” below or various streaming services like Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, and Spotify. Let me know what you think about “This Time” below!
(By the way, you should pay attention to the chorus because the message inside the lyrics are genuine and really resonated with me. I had the same feeling of society (as well as family members) telling me what to do and how to live my life. I know they are trying to advise me and telling me what is the best way because it is a common path towards success. But, that path isn’t for me. I want to build my own road. I want to think deeply about what I want to do and love what I do. 
I love “People are pushing us too fast” because it is true. I always felt people tried to push me into a specific direction way too fast without letting me think about my future first. Listen for that part in the song!) 

You can also follow Kuba Kluza on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

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    1. actually, this isn’t a cover. This is his original song.

  5. Oh, I have beento Kuba Kluza’s hometown Krakow in Poland. It is a beautiful city with plenty of old cobble stones streets to walk on and I remember there is a Cloth Tower which is quite well-known and market Square. Kuba Kluza certainly is very potential and very good looking too.

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