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The Daily Feature: Skinny Dippers’ Playful Ode to Real Life With His New Single

Today’s tune is “Panties” by American Indie-Pop singer-songwriter Skinny Dippers. If you like such acts as The Zombies, The Shins, STRFKR, and Stephen Malkmus, then this song is for you! According to the artist, the track “was born out of my habit of humming/singing [his] thoughts out loud and a bit too much time spent on Instagram. It’s a playful ode to realizing a romantic relationship is over by literally having the evidence broadcast into your eyeballs.”

“Panties” displays whimsical vibes with its sounds. It features light, dreamy synthesizers, and an acoustic feel with the guitar and drums. The vocals also display a whimsical feel as they are light and higher in pitch. Although the chorus is light and dreamy, the chorus features more weight as additional background vocals and synthesizers are added into the mix. But, my favorite part is the interlude as I love that little synthesizer solo! It’s so different from the rest of the track yet delightful!

Skinny Dippers’ debut single is a delightful listen as it such a dreamy fantasy with the melodies, vocals, and vibes! The playful, humorous narrative of the lyrics match well with the mellow vibes of the melody and beat. A dreamy take of finding out what you don’t want to find out on social media (we all have been in the situation once before, right?), “Panties” is a delightful yet romantic Indie-Pop tune that should be on everyone’s must-listen today!

Make sure to check out Skinny Dippers at the following sites:

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