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The Daily Feature: Slaney Bay’s “Talking About You” Is a Gorgeous Track Because of This

Today’s Daily Feature is “Talking About You” by the Southwest London indie band Slaney Bay. The tune is a love song that talks about the “tunnel vision” that revolves around a love interest. You can hear the dreamy adoration of romance in such parts as the vocals and guitar. This warmth is felt in the multi-layered vocals and the blazing guitars. It is such a gorgeous sound!

One thing I love about this track is the vocals. You can hear these gorgeous, illuminating vocals that are wrapped in warmth from the very first word in the beginning. The vocals help to create a mellow yet harmonious vibe that is so delightful to listen to. But, don’t forgot the guitars as they help to create this nonchalant atmosphere. Listeners should especially listen for the guitar solo during the bridge as the soaring melodies create an enchanting blaze of musical bliss.

With alluring multi-layered vocals, gorgeous moods, and rising guitar melodies, “Talking About You” is a must-listen for your daily playlist! Make sure to check out Slaney Bay’s “Talking About You” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Slaney Bay

Slaney Bay

Slaney Bay is a female-fronted, indie band hailing from South West London; a collective of childhood friends. Soaring guitar and melodic vocals explore the whole alternative genre. Formerly known as ‘Flux’, they secured 2 BBC Introducing radio spins and a top 20 hit for Los Angeles’ Indie Star Radio Alternative Countdown. The band consists of Caitlin Whitley (lead vocals, guitar, and synth); William Nicola-Thompson (lead guitar); Joel Martin (backing
vocals and bass), and Beth Stacey (drums).

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Official Website | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube

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Slaney Bay's "Talking About You" Is a Gorgeous Track Because of This

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