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The Daily Feature: “So many Men” by Teresa Bergman

Today’s Daily Feature is “So many Men” by German-based, New Zealand-born Adult Contemporary artist Teresa Bergman. This jazz-pop tune is the second single off Bergman’s upcoming album. It’s a dating anthem for women who know what they want that want to call out toxic masculinity. Bergman’s mantra is “Unafraid to show me” and you hear this in every corner of the song, from the rhythms to the lyrics. The artist doesn’t hold back as she brings a down-to-earth attitude to the subject through the unfiltered lyrics. There is a kind of sass in the vocal tones blended with the sharp rhythms. Along with the slick musicality, there is glittery vocal and melodies that dazzles listeners with their gorgeous musicality.

“So many Men” is something slick, honest, and infectious that will have listeners feel empowerment yet humming along. What do you think of Bergman’s tune? Listen down below and let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Teresa Bergman

Teresa Bergman is a Berlin-based singer from New Zealand, who embodies a stylistic fusion of folk, funk, and jazz. When Teresa starts to play it takes but a few seconds to realize – an outstanding singer and composer is at work – with great songs, a huge portion of soul and energy, a quirky and real personality, and charisma to boot.

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"So many Men" by Teresa Bergman

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