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The Daily Feature: Son Savage Goes Retro For “Superglue”

Dubai-based Lebanese pop producer, singer, songwriter, and creative Son Savage released their second single “Superglue” which is part of their latest album Folie à Deux. The album itself “explores love as a form of madness,” says the artist. ‘”The songs take the listener through the ups and downs of falling in and out of love.” And listeners could hear this in “Superglue”. A track that features a mixture of funk, soul, and Motown that have slick melodies, cool choral transitions, and smooth vocal lines. It is the perfect song for summer as it captures that seductive feeling of watching a sunset in the warm twilight with a loved one.

Of course, listeners have to watch the music video as it pays homage to old-school Nintendo video games. You can actually play the game that was featured in the music video on your own phone. You can download it on the Apple Store or Google Play store.

Listen to “Superglue” down below. Make sure to check out the music video because it is so fun to watch. What do you like about the song? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Son Savage

The world watched on in shock as the Beirut port blast devastated the Lebanese capital just over a year ago, putting the fragile city back decades. And that moment acted as a catalyst for Son Savage. Realizing that life was too short – and fragile – he put aside his office job and turned to music. ‘COVID & the Beirut Blast combined allowed me to simply shift my priorities and give more time to what I am truly passionate about – and that is always going to be music.’

The artist lists his influences as ‘Soul, Funk, Blues, Motown, Gospel, Rockabilly and Rock & Roll with ‘being Arab’’ you get an insight into just why his album is as eclectic as it is.

Make sure to check out Son Savage at the following:

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