SongLyricsSunday: I Burn For You

I am trying to get back to blogging after two weeks of being here and there. Just needed to catch up on sleep this weekend and had to prepare for the new school year, which starts tomorrow!

I really enjoy participating in the Song Lyrics Sunday challenge two weeks ago. So, I am going to try to continue this every week! This week theme is “Burn/Fire/Flame,” as suggested by the host Jim at A Unique Title For Me, with this post.

The song I chose is “I Burn For You” by The Police. It is one of the rarest The Police songs as it was only featured as the b-side of the 12″ UK release of the “Wrapped Around Your Finger” single. It was also featured on the Brimstone and Treacle soundtrack, which Sting played the main character of the 1982 movie. Although Brimstone and Treacle was a bit obscure and wasn’t a big hit when it was released, the soundtrack seemed to fair a little bit better. The album got the Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance in 1984, due to Sting’s rockin’ cover of “Spread A Little A Bit of Happiness.”

(If you haven’t watched Brimstone and Treacle , you can watch it here. But be warned, the movie is not for kids and it touches on some bizarre and dark subjects.)

“I Burn For You” was actually written in the late 70s by Sting when he was in the band Last Exit. The band performed a short version of the song some what before Sting joined The Police and is found on the bootleg album Sting & Last Exit: 1972-1977.

Actually, there has been some songs that Sting wrote when he was in Last Exit that made into The Police discography. Heard of “The Bed’s Too Big Without You”, “Oh My God”, “Bring On the Night”, or “Truth Hits Everybody”? Yep, those were from Sting’s Last Exit days.

When the band was of putting together the Zenyatta Mondatta album in 1980, Sting threw in “I Burn For You” as a track suggestion, but it was rejected by Andy and Stewart as being “too boring”. So, it ended up as the theme song to the Brimstone and Treacle soundtrack.

Sting would later cover the song on various tours, including on the live album Bring On The Night.

I am still puzzled why this song wasn’t included in The Police box set that was released this year? There was one disc that features the rare songs and b-sides of The Police, but “I Burn For You” wasn’t featured on it. The Brimstone and Treacle soundtrack was released on A&M, which was the same label that The Police released their music on. I wonder if A&M catalog was split up or that the movie distributor for Brimstone and Treacle owns the rights to the song? If someone knows why “I Burn For You” wasn’t allowed on the recent The Police box set, let me know in the comments below. This mystery baffles my mom and I. (But, it was included in the 90s box set!)

“I Burn For You” is my favorite The Police song. I loved to sing to this whenever it comes since I was in high school. I especially like the climax in the midsection as it is full of passion and just hits the message of the song perfectly. Then the song finishes off with a musical chant, which I love to sing. This song isn’t dull, it is full of passion and energy!

Here are the lyrics:

Now that I have found you
In the coolth of your evening smile
The shade of your parasol
And your love flows through me
Though I drink at your pool
I burn for you
I burn for

You and I are lovers
And nighttime falls around our bed
In peace we sleep entwined
And your love flows through me
Though an ocean soothes my head
I burn for you
I burn for you

Stars will fall from dark skies
As ancient rocks are turning
Quiet fills the room
And your love flows through me
Though I lie here so still
I burn for you
I burn for you
I burn

The Rules

If you want to participate in the Song Lyrics Sunday challenge, here are the rules;

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