#SongLyricsSunday: Taking That Plunge, like Standing on Top of Ice

It’s another Song Lyrics Sunday here on ☆ai love music☆. This week’s theme is “Freeze/Cold/Ice” as suggested by Jim Adams.

When I first read the prompt,. I quickly thought about Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice”, Yoko Ono’s “Walking on Thin Ice”, and Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Ice Baby”. But, I didn’t feature them here this week because I know someone will feature them on their own blog post.

Instead, I pick this song:

This week, I picked is “Koori no Ue ni Tatsu you ni” (氷の上に立つように; Like Standing on Top of Ice). For those who are interesting in learning Japanese, koori means (氷) means ice and tatsu (立つ ) is “to stand”.

The song was released on October 14, 1998. It was used as the eighth ending theme to long-running detective show Meitantei Conan (or Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed in Western markets). Miho Komatsu wrote the lyrics as well as the music for this song. The arrangement was done by Hirohito Furui, who used to be in a band called GARNET CROW (which also provided music for Meitantei Conan).

The 23rd film of this long series premiered this weekend in Japanese cinemas. A favorite for kids who will see this during the the Golden Week holidays, the newest installment is pretty cool as it features the thief Kaito Kid. I might see it on the first of May when tickets are only $11.

My sister loved Meitantei Conan when was in elementary school. I watched episodes with her in both English (when it was on Cartoon Network) and Japanese. It is a long series and there are many character as well plot, so it can be hard to understand the premise. But, it is a good anime and I highly recommend if you like shows like CSI or House. Japanese kids usually like to watch this but the content in each episode is mostly for maybe teenagers and adults in the US. (Japan is not as strict in ratings (towards kid shows) when it comes to using foul language, gore, or violence as the US is.)

I am going to provide the English translation of the lyrics for the convenience of the readers.

I want to do something as dangerous
As standing on ice
I want to mould even the dreams my love has painted
Into a shape, that’s my destiny forever

If a spaceship comes down before my eyes
I want to stretch out my arms and get on, without hesitation
I’m sure I won’t want to regret one day that day
So I’ll leave the earth, leaving even my friends behind
They say the days when nothing happens are the best
But the truth is I’m running away, letting my days without you get the better of me

I want to do something as dangerous
As standing on ice
I want to mould even the dreams my love has painted
Into a shape, that’s my destiny forever

I’m trying to let the newspaper articles, edited to just a few lines
Keep me in suspense
But I’ll do it my way so I don’t give up halfway through
Because I’m living in the place I always wished to
All I have to do is cut my fringe a bit shorter
And I’ll be reborn – I like that way of thinking

I want to keep a straight face
It’s a secret, much as I love you
My heart is flying further away, faster
Than light, that’s my destiny forever

I want to do something as dangerous
As standing on ice
I want to mould even the dreams my love has painted
Into a shape, that’s my destiny forever


Here is the TV size of the song:

The Rules

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  1. Jade Li

    Pleasant song with serious lyrics and a good choice for the prompt.

  2. I do not think I have heard this song before, but I love the way you opted from something different to the more obvious songs


    I remember Vanilla Ice from when I was growing up. Not one I would listen to now though lol. Bit too old school for me. Good word association though.

  4. Kemi

    Vanilla Ice! That’s my childhood right there lol. I also remember ” You’re as cold as ice…” that used to play on VH1 or was it MTV?

  5. Marjie Mare

    Reading your post is so refreshing. I learn about all these songs and groups. Thanks for sharing another great post.

  6. Michael David Oyco

    It would be way to cool to learn the Japanese language. Haha! But I really like Japanese music too. I kind of prefer them before K-POP lol

  7. Dalene Ekirapa

    I loved the lyrics. Just reminds me that sometimes, the beauty of life comes from trying out some dangerously awesome stuff.

  8. Rowena

    Oh wow those are interesting lyrics. I’ve not heard the song before I’m going to have to go and find it as really want to hear the song. Thank you for sharing these lyrics and good choice!

  9. Elena Toma

    This is a song i never heard before! Japanese songs are really fun to listen, they always put me in a good mood !

  10. Liz

    I do like the lines / lyrics a lot. Not to mention, I’m a big fun of the conan series. Thanks for featuring this, not all has the time to review and put it on the spot.

  11. makeupadda1

    Wow its a lovely song with beautiful lyrics. I have never heard this song before. Thanks for sharing

  12. Chelsea Pearl

    Foreigner is one of my favorite bands, seeing them perform Cold As Ice on tour about 10 years ago was incredible! Such an iconic song.

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