You are currently viewing New Playlist Alert: Soothing Tunes to Help Relax Us

New Playlist Alert: Soothing Tunes to Help Relax Us

Every day, I listen to a lot of amazing music from around the world. And from different genres: indie pop, rock, R&B, soft rock, EDM, electropop, and etc. I have decided to make a new playlist featuring songs that have relaxing and soothing tunes. These are tunes that we need each day to relax us.

Some artists on this playlist are Abi Mia, Akiko Hori, Alas de Liona, Alien Of Nature, almost sex, Barbara Teresa, Ben Burke, Bloodtooth, Caleb Lockwood, Chain of Islands, Cooney Thatcher, Cross Parallel, Danny Guinan, Engines Made From Soup, Evan Chaedle, Filiah, Gabriel Felici, Gwil Davey, Jillie, Jon Lloyd, Lissy Taylor, Michael Brinkworth, Minò Lavoisier, Mountain Fire, Myles Lloyd, Nightshifts, Ocean Onyx, Ollie West & The Wildflowers, Panic State, Point Lobo, The Pursuit of Color, Rodney Eldridge, Simone Olivari, Sofi Gev, stefan, TEYETAN, Yi-Lynn, and Zakery.

Soothing Tunes For You

Check out the playlist below!

What is your favorite song?

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New Playlist Alert: Soothing Tunes to Help Relax Us

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  1. Stephanie

    Oooh, I love a nice relaxing playlist! I am queueing up music for the many flights we have booked this summer. I’ll have to add this playlist!

  2. Neely Moldovan

    Oh I love this. I love soothing music. Definitely something I need more of.

  3. Knashz

    Always love some soothing tunes in my life.

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