You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Souls Extolled’s “Seraphic War” Features a Fusion of Many Rock Genres

The Daily Feature: Souls Extolled’s “Seraphic War” Features a Fusion of Many Rock Genres

Today’s Daily Feature is “Seraphic War” by U.S. Psychedelic Rock / Garage Rock band Souls Extolled. The tune features themes about spiritual, cultural, and political revolution. “Seraphic War” is a tune that harks back to the decades of garage rock and psychedelic rock. You can hear at the beginning with that wicked guitar melody. It is actually my favorite part as it is so melodic and just full of high energy. It reminds me of the days of The Eagles, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd.

Meanwhile, the vocals would remind listeners of The Cure, especially during the verses with their punk rock elements. Don’t forget to listen for the chorus as they will elicit nostalgic memories with those Pink Floyd-like melodies. Just everything about this song will bring back a lot of nostalgic feels of the 70s and 80s rock!

If you are a fan of 70s and 80s rock bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath, then you will enjoy “Seraphic War”. Souls Extolled’s latest tune is such a wonderful throwback to the 70s and 80s that listeners of any age will enjoy.

Make sure to listen to Soul Extolled’s “Seraphic War” down below and let me know what you think the comments!

About the Artist: Souls Extolled

Souls Extolled

Souls Extolled is a blast of proto-metal and ska-punk from Austin, Texas. Fusing generations of influences from rock to grunge, rap, and reggae, the bands’ dirty blend is provocative yet familiar. Accents of ska and psychedelia revolve around a hard rock core with gritty and debaucherous lyrics. The trio looks the part of a possessed street gang from an earlier time. Often clouded in smoke and accompanied by a mysterious masked figure, their songs are dripping with existential angst and vulgarity. With their intense vibe nostalgic of the classic rock icons they evoke, they’re an explosive exhibition of modern rock music!

As for most artists, 2020 was slow for Souls Extolled, but on December 4th they dropped their second studio album “Seraphic War” at the Far Out Lounge in South Austin with Dirty Wormz, Kairos, and Ben Buck. In addition to playing throughout central Texas every few months, Souls Extolled is currently booking shows all over the United States. Keep a lookout for them; Seraphic War has arrived!

Make sure to check out Souls Extolled at the following sites:

Official Website | Spotify | Soundcloud | Twitter | Bandcamp | Youtube | Soundcloud

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Souls Extolled's "Seraphic War" Features a Fusion of Many Rock Genres

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  1. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    Not my normal cup of tea but definitely something that a friend of mine would enjoy listening to.

  2. Marjie Mare

    Yes, for the rock genre. My type of music which brings me life and energy.

  3. Tweenselmom

    Love the cover, I’m definitely getting pop rock vibes already from the cover alone. Can’t wait to hear the song.

  4. Fabulous Perks

    The cover is awesome! I honestly haven’t explored pop rock genre, I’m open to all but haven’t dabbled in pop rock as yet.

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