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Sound of the Sirens Releases Their New Album `Damage Control`

The UK folk duo Sound of the Sirens released their newest album Damage Control yesterday. Since their impressive 2013 debut, Sound of the Sirens has been expressing their musical masterpieces all around the world. Their majestic prowess on stage attracts fans from far and wide to witness their chemistry and camaraderie. They are excited for the release of their newest album as the duo added new flavors to the familiar sounds.

Sound of the Sirens recently talked to ai love music via email about what was it like creating this album. They talked about what was the meaning behind the album while talking about what artists collaborated with. Find out why in their press release the duo said that this album is “drenched in rich intertwining vocal harmonies” below. While reading the interview, make sure to check out Sound of the Sirens’ Damage Control down below. What is your favorite track? Let us know in the comments below!

Hey! Could you please introduce yourself! How did Sound of the Sirens come to be?

Hannah moved from Cornwall to Exeter and started working in ‘Timepiece’ a local Bar/Club. We got on immediately and would sing together on nights out and long walks home in the early hours….after a few pints! We joined a functions band and we were out gigging most weekends. We learned tons doing this- harmonising, chatting to the audience, etc.

We then started creating our own cover versions and mash-ups. We asked our Boss at Timepiece to let us have an evening to put on a gig and we loved it. Over time we ditched the covers once we had enough original material. We were originally a three-piece but Lisa followed her heart and moved to London in 2012. We then started to really focus on Music and self-released our first album in 2013.

Sound of the Sirens

What got you into music? How has your musical journey been since then?

Han has always been very musical and was in various bands with her Dad when she was younger. She studied Performing Arts but Music was her passion.

I did a degree in Theatre and always knew I wanted to be a performer but I was pulled into music when I was about 17 and started singing in productions. I loved it and just wanted to keep getting that buzz.

My Dad was a big influence too. He was always singing when we were younger and music was a big focus in our house. We’ve both been inspired by our Dads I guess.

Which musical genres and/or artists influence you?

We both have such diverse tastes in everything. From Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Johnny Cash, Dylan, Hanson (Han is their number 1 fan!), Lana Del Ray, Dolly, First Aid Kit. We love listening to all sorts.

Tell us one thing you want to achieve musically in 2022!

It would be incredible to get one of our tracks used widely…whether it was playlisted, used in an advert, or a casual little James Bond theme tune!

Let’s talk about your newest release Damage Control. Is there a specific theme you have for the album? Or are there multiple themes?

The title track lists the many feelings and emotions we may and probably do encounter anyone day and shows how we need them all to survive. We need the balance of good and the bad. Each track from the album could link to a different state-Happiness, Anger, grief, rage, confusion, love…’s all there.

Which sounds, musical texture, or lyrics do you want to really highlight in this album?

What a great question. One line that we have picked for merch is from Damage Control -” This is my head, this is my role and the damage I must control”. I think this is a great message for all. We will all behave in ways that perhaps we sometimes aren’t proud of, or we act on instinct, or we are ashamed that people have seen all sides of us but that’s ok. We’re only human but we have to take responsibility for what we cause with our emotions whether that’s hurting others or ourselves.

If anyone takes solace in our music or it speaks to them and helps them then this would be the icing on the cake.

In the press release, this album is “drenched in rich intertwining vocal harmonies”. Could you explain this a little more?

We love harmony! We’ve been singing together for many years now and there is great synergy between us and so it happens quite naturally. We chose to layer up lots of vocals on this album and once we started we just couldn’t stop. Some didn’t make the cut as we got carried away!

Sound of the Sirens

What was it like working on Damage Control? What were your favourite moments?

We got to record this album in the Highlands inside an old Prison van surrounded by mountains and sheep on all sides! It was breathtakingly beautiful. In the mornings before we recorded, we would go running by the Loch. It was a really magical experience and one I’ll remember forever.

What is one thing you want listeners to listen for in Damage Control?

I guess ‘growth’. This album is different and has a different feel. Perhaps a more chilled ‘California’ vibe on some tracks, heavy and powerful on others, and bright and vibrant too. We worked with Saul Davies from James who produced this album and we definitely stepped out of our comfort zone at points but it was really exciting and we can’t wait to share it.

Any future plans?

To keep writing, keep smiling, gigging, and enjoying the journey x

Make sure to check out Sound of the Sirens at the following:

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Sound of the Sirens Releases Their New Album `Damage Control`

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