You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: What Should You Take Away From St Oshun’s “Spotlight”

The Daily Feature: What Should You Take Away From St Oshun’s “Spotlight”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Spotlight” by American R&B artist St Oshun. The artist had to say about it:

“Spotlight” was written about two of Charles’ relationships in high school. Both of the young ladies lives were being overshadowed by previous choices they had made. Their classmates were judging them for their past despite both young ladies attempts to move on. Charles wanted to write a song or them because he wished he could go back in time and tell them, “don’t let them get in your head. I know that what people think about you bothers you. But forget about them. You’re special. I want to give you the Spotlight because you are more than your past”

St Oshun

A track that features empowering, uplifting messages embedded in the lyrics, St. Oshun”s “Spotlight” carries that same uplifting vibe in the musicality. It features hypnotic melodies in the contrasting vocals: the smooth silky female vocals and the flavorful, mellow male vocals. Don’t forgot to listen to the rap break towards the end. It adds a unique depth with its relatable messages, attractive flows, and polished performance.

Filled with summery beats and feel-good vibes, “Spotlight” is a dancable tune that features encouraging words about the importance of being ourselves in this moment.

Make sure to check out St Oshun’s “Spotlight” down below and let me know what you think!

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What Should You Take Away From St Oshun's "Spotlight"

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    Super love the track, it is awesome!!! The cover is something else lol I love it!!!

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