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The Daily Feature: Starcoast’s “Scrolls” Is a Dreamy Rock Track With a Very Important Message

Today’s Daily Feature is “Scrolls” by the American Psychedelic Rock band Starcoast. The upbeat rock tune’s release kicks off the band’s West Coast Tour that is happening this summer. The band hopes that listeners will step outside their worlds in order to find true love. Move outside to change from their stagnated state. In today’s world, this “stagnated state” could mean a lot of things: being on social media too much, keeping to yourself, not challenging yourself, not being yourself. “Scrolls” challenges those kinds of behaviors with the hope that one can change for the better.

“We long to be loved, but it is never enough” — that is the problem that people face today with such things as social media. Challenge that! Find true love and something healthy and sustainable!

You can see the social media angle in the music video. This beautiful piece of art was shot with filters and was suitably proportioned on a vertical axis. According to the band, “each band member is veiled behind blurred squares and tessellations, similar to the screens that keep real people from realism”. It is such a surreal wake-up on how social media uses us and we use it to “hide” ourselves. The music video does a fabulous job of portraying this cautionary message in its visual effects.

The musicality featured in “Scrolls” is also something that cannot be missed. The song has soaring vocals that punch through with its soothing and melodic tones. Singer and guitarist Tom Hunter shows a wonderful range with his baritone vocals going from low to falsetto. His brother (Jim Hunter) completes the vocal lines with his higher harmonies that really balance out Tom’s vocals. The searing guitars are also a must-listen as they blaze through the song, effectively catching the listener’s attention.

With the melodic vocals, the searing guitars, and the classic vibes from the drums, “Scroll” is such a dreamy, upbeat rock track that is so memorable and ear-pleasing. But, don’t forget to listen to the lyrics as they contain an important message for today’s world. What do you like about Starcoast’s “Scroll”? Make sure to listen to the song below and tell me in the comments below!

About the Artist: Starcoast


Originally composed of brothers Tom Hunter (guitar/vocals) and Jim Hunter (bass/harmonies), the band discovered its missing piece in drummer David Johns, which transcended them into the upper echelon as they started building new songs, together. 

The band’s moniker “Starcoast” was inspired by a meteor shower experienced during a late-night beach walk in their hometown of Virginia Beach, VA, and a subsequent desire to create songs that embody similar larger-than-life experiences. From touring the U.K. to directing their own TV show, the band enjoys a wide variety of activities and devises content for a vastly diverse array of fans. With the heart intent of providing their audience a space in time where they can release their worries, the band’s musical mission is to impart an optimistic afterglow and “spread love, positive vibes, and expansive soundscapes” to their fans, both new and old. 

With their upcoming West Coast Tour and “Scroll” release, Starcoast wants listeners to be a positive part of each other’s lives. As Thomas adds, “It’s time to step out & into the collective.” 

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Starcoast's "Scrolls" Is a Dreamy Rock Track With a Very Important Message

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