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Start Your 2020 With This Inspirational Playlist


Happy New Year!

It is finally 2020! The start of a new year! A new decade! It is a time for goal setting and new selves. But, don’t forget to make this important goal for this year: Don’t forget all your 2020 goals. Sometimes, we are too wrapped in life that we forget our goals before February. I am guilty of this, as so many people. So, keep on working on your goals and don’t forget them!

What are your goals for 2020? I am going to share mine below, but I would love to hear about yours in the comments!

My Goals for 2020

I wrote out my goals for 2020 a few days ago. But, I did a little differently. Instead of writing them for the entire year, I wrote them out for the month of January. I feel like writing monthly goals are more attainable and trackable than yearly goals. I can get so much done if I stick to monthly goals.

My goals for January are:

It seems like a lot of goals, but January is a big month. And the easy way to make these goals happen is by blocking out your day. If you read “Do It Scared” by Ruth Soukup, she mentions this idea of mapping out your day to fit in what you want to do and have to do. You can get the nifty Passion Planner to help you (which I loved in 2019) or just make a time-table and stick in a place where you can constantly look at it.

For me, I like to make things physically and put them on places like my door or my bedroom wall. It is easier for me to see my goals in that way. But. whatever way you make your goals visible, make sure you see them constantly to remind you what you want.

On a side note, I am currently transforming my door into a vision board of sorts. Right now, as I am typing, there are only four words and two quotes on my door. I need to track down some pictures next week. But, I am hoping to fill it up by the end of January on what I want my dream life to look like.

(I will update you, my beloved readers, on my January goals next month. I also will let you know about my February ones! I pinky promise!)

Music to Create Your “A-Ha” in 2020

Here is a playlist that is filled with songs that will bring some inspiration for the new year! I picked songs from all over the world. There are a lot of different songs on this list from different decades and genres! They will inspire you to follow your heart, your goals, and go for your 2020!

What is your song for 2020? Let me know in the comments!

Panic! At the Disco – “High Hopes”

THIS is the inspirational song of the late 2010s! I don’t have to tell you why this is such an inspiration! Just listen to the song itself with its encouraging beats and powerful lyrics! Furthermore, Brendon Urie’s vocals are amazing!


I have talked about AKB48 many times before, like last year and a few years ago. This mega idol group from Japan is always on international news sites for its scandals and sometimes “risque” music videos. But, no one really pays attention to the group’s inspirational songs like “RIVER”.

Inside your heart too

A river is flowing

It is, a river of sweat and tears!

Even if you make a failure

Even if it makes you cry

It is OK to start over

Don’t say any complaint

Cling onto your dream, yeah

Until the day where your wish come true


This song has so many inspirational lyrics! It is a great song to inspire you, even if it’s in a different language. This song is a must-listen for its lyrics. They inspire us to cross that deep, dark river and pursue our dreams! Although crossing that river can be tricking, like achieving our dreams, it will be a worthwhile adventure.

La Compagnie Créole – “C’est bon pour le moral”

When I was looking for inspirational songs from different countries, someone on the web recommended this song; “C’est bon pour le moral” (It’s Good for the Morals) by French Guinea/French West Indies band La Compagnie Créole. This 1987 song is such an upbeat and fun tune that will brighten up anyone’s day! I don’t know much about the lyrics as they are in French (and Google Translate isn’t the best source for a translation), but the beats will surely inspire you to be more positive!

Marc Antony – “Vivir Mi Vida”

I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna dance
live my life, la, la, la, la
I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna enjoy
live my life, la, la, la, la


Most of the world remembers Marc Antony as (a) Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband or (b) his major hit song “I Need To Know”. Yet, a gem in his recent discography is “Vivir Mi Vida” (Live My Life) from his 2013 album 3.0. This cover of the song “C’est la vie” by Algerian singer Khaled, it is upbeat and positive as the lyrics suggest that “No matter what goes on in life, I am just going dance and enjoy it!” Antony’s version is a salsa tune, so it will get you up and dancing in no time! But, the lyrics are also inspiring as they will fill you up with positivity!

Foorin Team E – “Paprika”

Some people love “Paprika”, some don’t. If you ask my students what is “Paprika”, they will sing the Japanese lyrics and dance to it. The English version is the most requested song during lunchtime as the kids really love this tune! However, if you ask my co-workers, they don’t want to hear the song as they find it annoying (it is played everywhere in Japan).

I don’t why my coworkers don’t like “Paprika” because I really love the 2020 Olympics support song. I find the lyrics to be inspiring about setting goals, reaching them, and supporting each other. I really enjoy the dance and seeing my students dancing and singing it. But, the jewel of the song is this encouraging message found inside the song: “Follow your dreams!”.

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