#SongLyricsSunday: The Street Back to You

Today’s Song Lyrics Sunday challenge prompt is “Avenue / Boulevard / Drive / Lane / Road / Street”.When I read this, the first things that came to my head is “Avenue Q” and Toshiki Kadomatsu’s “52nd Street”. Since the latter has no lyrics but is lovely instrumentation, I couldn’t use it. However, since I love Toshiki Kadomatsu, I looked into his discography and works to see what I could find. And, sure enough, I found a song with lyrics in it!

道 ~ road / street ~

There is a lot of songs here in Japan with the world “michi” in it. One of Chisato Moritaka’s well-known songs is “Michi” from the late 80s as well Hikaru Utada had a song with “MichI”. But, because I wanted to feature Toshiki Kadomatsu in this post, I found a song he produced called “Modorimichi” (A return street / A way back) by ANNA. This song was released on the single “LAST DANCING” (1997) as well as the self-titled album (1997).

ANNA is a radio personality and talent from Chiba Prefecture — a prefecture next to Tokyo. Thanks to Toshiki Kadomatsu, she made her singing debut in 1996 with the song Heart to you ~Yoru ga Owaru Mae ni~ with Kadomatsu’s project VOCALAND — a project that featured new vocalists with two compilation albums and many singles. She had a brief career from 1996 to 2001. She is currently a host for the morning talk show “miracle!!” on the radio station bayfm in Chiba Prefecture while being a mom of 2 kids.

Where Credit Is Due

“Modorimichi” was written by Toshiki Kadomatsu. He has been in the music business for almost 40 years as he released his first single”YOKOHAMA Twilight Time”, in 1981. Kadomatsu’s music mainly incorporates the city pop sound — a musical genre from the 90s that was mainly relaxing and chilled. But, he has experimented with other gnres over the years, from rock to Eurobeat and beyond.

Along with his own solo career, Kadomatsu has also produced songs from other well-known artists like ANRI, V6, Miho Nakayama, and others. He also as involved with the big band jazz project TOKYO ENSEMBLE LAB in the late 80s and the all-female vocal project VOCALAND in the 90s.

I love Toshiki Kadomatsu’s music. I have seen him twice: once in 2012 and then last year.

What do you think of ANNA’s “Modorimichi”? Let me know in the comments below!

Kadomatsu covered the song on his self-cover album The gentle sex in 2000:
Here are the lyrics:

一番電車でこの街を出て さぁこれからどこへ行こう

Kaze ga fuiteiru
Dare mo inai home ni hitori tatazumu
Ichiban densha de kono muchi wo dete saa kore kara doko e ikou
Anata ga kureta kazukazu no hibi wo nayande wa inai keredo
Ima wa mou

The wind is blowing
One person stands on the platform alone
Leaving this city by the first train:
Let’s go anywhere from now on!
I don’t regret the days that you gave to me, but
Now is,,.

I leaving your heart いつの日でも
見果てぬ夢 語るあなたの目が好きだったけれど
ごめんんさい 私なんてどこにもいるありふれた女(やつ)だから

I leaving your heart itsu no hi demo
Mihatenu yume kataru anata no me ga suki datta keredo
Gomennsai watashi nante doko ni mo iru arifureta yatsu dakara
Akireameru ne…

I am leaving your heart any day
Even though I loved your eyes that talked about unforgettable dream
Sorry, because I am an ordinary woman who is everywhere,
I’m going to give up…

窓を流れ去る景色がほら ゆっくり変わりだしたら
見つけたいもの わかるけど

Mado wo nagaresaru keishiki ga hora yukkuri kawaridashitara
Shiranai machi made atowazu da ne
Kore kara saki na ni ga aru no
Mitsuketai mono wakaru kedo
Doko ni aru no kamo wakaranai
kono mama de…

If the scenery that leaves the window starts to change slowly,
there would be only a little left in this town that no one knows.
here is something ahead
I know about the thing that I want to find, but
I probably don’t know where it is
in this state…

降り立つ駅にあふれ出る 人の渦に
ポケットからこぼれ落ちた あなたの部屋の
鍵を拾うとなぜか 涙が出た

Oritatsu eki ni afurederu hito no uzu ni
Oshinagarasaresou ni natta sono toki ni
Pocket kara koboreochita anata no heya no
kagi wo hirou to naze ka namida ga deta

When I was about to be swept away
by the whirlpool of people overflowing the station in order to get off the train,
I held onto your apartment key that came from your pocket.
Somehow, tears fell.

You live in my heart この都会(まち)でも私きっと
時の轍(わだち)の向こう 愛が見える

You live in my heart kono machi demo watashi kitto
anata ni nita hito ni mata deau no kana
Furikaeru to modorimichi ga tzukeiteirta
toki no wadachi no mukou ai ga mieru

You live in my heart
I will surely be here in this town,
waiting for a possbility to meet someone who loove like you.
I continued on the return road while looking back.
I can see love on the track of time.

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