Sugar Beat – Gobanme no deja vu

Sugar Beat was a girl duos in the early 1990s. The duo was short lived and only had two singles and one album before disappearing (and not as successful). Some can argue that there were another WINK copycat because of the concept (two girls, looking almost like each other, and etc) and how their music is perceived. Nevertheless, 5 Banme no deja vu is an excellent single with the two girls . However, my favorite track of the single is Ame no CROWN due to the instrumentation that is going on, how pretty it sounds, and the guitar riffs solos. It was hard to pick the first week’s single (I had two other singles battling it out) but I chose Sugar Beat because of Ame no CROWN (I simply love it!) and because it’s really a nice single. If you girl groups (especially duos), you will like/love Sugar Beat.
Trivia: Gobanme no deja vu was the ending theme song the the 1991 dorama, Vincent Caen Kekkon (Marriage).

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