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Get Inspired From This Uplifting Track By Sun Affair

Experts have said that winter is the season many will get easily depressed. Limited sunlight, cold weather, and limited activities are the reasons why people get so unmotivated during the snowy season. Yet, it is also the season with resolutions and motivation as New Year falls at the beginning of winter.

Music is one of the best things to inspire and uplift people in different ways. It can be with the messages nestled in the lyrics or the grooves featured in the instrumentation. Whatever may be the reason why, music will always be instrumental in cheering us up, no matter what genre or where we are in the world.

One tune that will inspire listeners is “After All This Time” by the Australian R&B band Sun Affair featuring Rohen Iyer. This warm and infectious tune will make anyone’s cloudy days turn sunny. But how? Let’s take a deep look at the track!

I’m Waiting For You Girl

“After All This Time” is a delicious mixture of old and new with feel-good vibes sprinkled There is a nostalgic throwback to the sounds and texture of the 70s. You can hear it from the choice of genres to the instrumentation. The 70s was a time that featured sunny, upbeat tunes that talked about love with slick melodies. And that is what “After All This Time” is filled with. The Sun Affair tune features funk and R&B that share similarities to the 70s; warm, cozy, and just groovy.

Even the horns section featured in “After All This Time” is a throwback to the iconic ones featured in Chicago’s earlier works. Those horns bring a unique texture to the song that magnifies that toasty feeling. It might give listeners the impression that the band dabbled into lounge music by incorporating certain textures from that genre to “After All This Time”. We aren’t complaining because the addition of the lounge music feels is a total match!

Yet, there are dabs of modern genres brimming from the Sun Affair track. Listeners will find such current musical trends as neo-soul, pop, yacht rock, and jazz in “After All This Time”. One example is the vocals as they are slick yet melodic akin to pop ones. Listeners might even hear similar traits in John Legend’s vocals. Yet, we cannot forget the instrumentation as it features melodies and chord progressions that have a modern feel to them. It is rather pleasant to hear as listeners of any age can relate to either modern or retro sounds found in this track.

Final Thoughts

Sun Affair’s “After All This Time” features a variety of musical genres that gel together so perfectly to create the perfect song for anywhere. The band successfully incorporates textures and sounds from the past and present to create an upbeat, feel-good track. With all the stunning musicality featured in “After All This Time”, listeners can’t help but listen over and over, thawing themselves from depression with this sunny tune filled with motivating virtuosity. We can’t help to wonder what will be next for this talented band.

Make sure to check out “After All This Time” down below. What is your favorite thing about this song? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Sun Affair

Sun Affair

Sun Affair is a feel-good project from Sydney-based songwriter Wesley Stormer. Drawing on the warmth and nostalgia of the ’70s, Sun Affair prides itself on catchy hooks and lyrics from the heart.

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Get Inspired From This Uplifting Track By Sun Affair

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