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Get Ready For Summer With sunset + mine’s “Honey Let’s Go”

It’s May and you know what is around the corner if you live in the Northern Hemisphere (like me)! Summer! It is a time when we can enjoy the sunny weather at the beach or even at our homes. It is the season where we somewhat go back to our youthful enthusiasm just a little bit as we feel much younger and refresher in the brighter days. That same feeling about summer can be felt in the debut single o the American synth-pop duo sunset + mine, entitled “Honey Let’s Go”. Let’s find out why this song really captures the summer energy so well by taking a deeper dive down below.

Let’s Go!

sunset + mine

Although “Honey Let’s Go” isn’t about summer (which we will talk about later), it does have a warm, bright summer vibe to it. Listeners can hear this in the bright synth riffs that surge with such colorful motions in between verses. There is also an 80s vibe to this song, especially with the groovin’ bass lines and vivid guitar riffs, that help further that colorful, sunny feeling. The vocals also fit into this feel-good, gleaming 80s soundscape so perfectly with their robust agility, yet with such gentleness. It is quite nice to listen to!

Now lyrically, “Honey Let’s Go” is not about summer. Instead, it is crafted in such a way that offers an upbeat, refreshing look at love and relationship. The inspiration behind this concept came from the duo’s own marriage adventures: the young love, sheer love, and hopeful adventure. It is really sweet to hear how the duo’s journey in their own relationship has influenced the lyrics.

Many listeners who have similar experiences in their own relationships could relate to these sweet, heartfelt lyrics about blossoming love. And for those who don’t have any kind of relationship, it is still inspiring to hear about such a relationship. But, whatever listener listens to this song, these lyrics about a sweet romance that just started across the street will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Final Thoughts

sunset + mine has a definite hit on their hands with “Honey Let’s Go” which is a must-listen for anyone’s summer playlists. With its’s bright synth riffs, 80s nostalgic vibes, and its pop vibes, “Honey Let’s Go” exhibits that youthful energy with much enthusiasm that matches well with the summer vibes. Yet, the song’s lyrics will bring a smile to listeners’ faces as they tell a sweet story about a love story of a married couple who are madly in love. Listeners can really connect with the blossoming love story through the stories and experiences interwoven in the lyrics.

With its charm, energy, and positivity, “Honey Let’s Go” is the breath of fresh air for your summer but also your everyday life!

Make sure to check out “Honey Let’s Go” by sunset + mine down below! What do you like about the song? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: sunset + mine

sunset + mine

sunset + mine bursts into the light as the new project of husband and wife duo Valerie and Rocco Repetski. Drawn together by music, the Washington DC-area couple craft a refreshing and upbeat perspective of love and relationship through a novel revelation of their own marriage journey. sunset + mine tracks are rife with compelling lyrics, bright synths, and a youthful enthusiasm that belies the decade they’ve spent performing as a married couple.

For years, Valerie and Rocco have longed to release a pop project together, taking that leap in 2021 with a series of recording sessions in Los Angeles to create the countercultural breath of fresh air that is sunset + mine. They can’t wait to make you smile!

Make sure to check out sunset + mine at the following:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram

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Get Ready For Summer With  sunset + mine's "Honey Let's Go"

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  1. I love songs with an upbeat summer vibe! I am SO ready for summer to be here!

  2. Eric Gamble

    That is a cute song that would be good to listen to in the car on a summer road trip with the kids. It is a bit cheeky for me but the video is fun to watch especially when they hit the main part of “Chasing down the summer” where it livens up.

  3. Loving it , honey let’s go, the love vibes of this song. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  4. Stephbwalya

    It’s may here and we are getting ready for winter. I can’t wait for summer in October and I’ll be listening to this song.

  5. Prajakta

    This is first time I heard about them, will check them out soon. Thanks for sharing.

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