Happy New Years!!

🎉 Happy New Years! 🎉 I hope you had a wonderful time during holiday season! I have been away from the past three weeks as I celebrated the holidays back…


Results for the First Battle of the Songs: SHINee or Mohamed Ali?

Just a friendly reminder that I am still looking for writers for my December series, “25 Days of Holiday Songs” Challenge. I only have six blog posts currently and I need 19 more. I really want them by December 1! Please send me an email if you are interested ASAP!

Last week, I started the first ever Battle of the Songs competition on my blog! I am very thankful for the number of responses I got for the match.
Without further ado, who won the first Battle of the Songs: SHINee from South Korea or Mohamed Ali from Denmark?
Click to found out the winner!


Stop Youtube Red Now!

I don't really talk about issues on here. But, the petition below and the cause behind it is very important for this blog and the future of how we listen to…


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