Enduring Romantic Blues with Chisato Moritaka’s “ALONE”

"ALONE" is about a longing from a female's perspective of a love that has faded. Even though her and her lover has parted, the character in the song still loves that person. She remembers every little quirk and every little detail about her lover. It is such a sad and painful song about experience love that has been now lost. We all shared similar experiences that Chisato Moritaka wrote in the mid-tempo ballad.


How Terrie Expresses the Different Types of Love in the Single “Sunset”

The song “Sunset” really embodies a true sunset musically from the first note. It is full of warmth and a laid-back yet positive vibes through each note. My favorite part, the chorus, is one example of how the melody embodies the sun setting. Besides that, the lyrics really demonstrate a deep love through a sunshine metaphor. With the beautiful melodies and well-written lyrics, the “cherry on the top” for “Sunset” is Terrie’s vocals as they are full of warmth, passion, and smooth yet positive vocal tones. “Sunset” is such a relaxing, soothing, and beautiful tune about being madly in love. A must listen to on any occasion.


What is More Precious Than Jewels?

This week's #SongLyricsSunday prompt is about precious stones and jewels: Diamond, Emerald, Jade, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire. When I saw this week's prompt, I thought immediately about my favorite Japanese anime…


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